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Get Younger Looking Skin Through Exercise

When it comes to aging, there’s a couple of things that every woman has in common — the desire to have younger looking skin than what she is currently working with, and the desire to make aging gracefully and beautifully a reality. Thankfully both are within her reach, through anti aging skin creams, a great skincare regimen and healthy habits. Those healthy habits — eating a well-balanced diet and maintaining a regular exercise routine — are more important to your skin’s health than you would think! Here are just a few reasons you should consider incorporating regular exercise into your life.

1) Exercise encourages blood flow to the epidermis, increasing cell regeneration and collagen production. Skin is able to bounce back from facial expressions due to the collagen in the skin, and when that production is lacking, you notice an increase in fine lines and wrinkles. When you’re out jogging, you’re literally running toward younger looking skin! Help your complexion out a little more with an anti wrinkle skin cream after your post-workout shower.

2) Exercise helps keep your weight from fluctuating too much, reducing the risk of sagging skin on your face. When your weight goes up and down frequently, over time it becomes harder for skin to bounce back to its smaller size, so it begins to sag. Maintaining a regular workout routine and a healthy diet can help balance your weight and keep it consistent. You can alternate harder workouts — such as weight lifting or running — with slower meditations like tai chi or yoga if you need help staying motivated. If you prefer to set up treats for yourself when you reach your goals, perhaps decide to treat yourself to a new organic beauty product or makeup item you’ve been coveting.

3) Facial exercises keep wrinkles and fine lines at bay. Even if you aren’t able or don’t want to get in your cardio every week, you can still strengthen your facial muscles through simple face exercises. One such exercise involves sitting in a chair with your back straight; tilt your face up to the ceiling, and make facial movements as if you’re trying to kiss the ceiling. You should feel it working in your chin, jowls and around your mouth, to prevent sagging and lines. There are several other facial exercises you can do, if you simply do a search for the term. When you finish up your exercises, apply an anti wrinkle skin cream.

4) And of course, using good anti aging skin creams and sunscreens prevents sun damage during exercise, especially when working out in the sunshine. If you already have wrinkled skin, you could also benefit from applying an anti wrinkle facial cream daily.

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