Getting Over Writer’s Block

One of the biggest fears of all writers from bloggers to novelists is writer’s block. Writer’s block is defined as not being able to express one’s thought clearly through the medium that is familiar to him or her: writing. While this is not a grave medical condition, it can prove to be equally devastating especially if the author needs to meet a deadline or just get some work done.

Writers should worry too much about getting over the temporary lack of the right words, as there are several ways to get over writer’s block. Most often than not, these writers find that they are at loss for words when they are uninspired or exhausted from thinking too much about the subject. When this happens, the first thing he or she should do is get away from everything that will remind him or her about writing and just meditate for a few minutes. This will clear the mind of all thoughts, preparing it for the mental journey ahead.

A writer can unblock himself or herself by finding inspiration in other works of art, such as paintings, films, music, and plays. Engaging in other activities can awaken the artist within and stimulate creativity into one’s craft. Sometimes, the mere idea of doing or participating in an activity that one normally doesn’t do can trigger a rush of new ideas. Writers must remember that in order for this to happen, inspiration should come freely, and other forms of artistic expressions should genuinely move them—not anxiously waiting for Eureka moment, else they will just end up frustrated in the lack thereof.

Another way to get through this obstacle is to encourage the flow of ideas through freestyle writing and total disregard for censorship. When a writer is conscious of how he or she puts together words, it sometimes hinders the mind to come up with the perfect composition of the story. Let words come freely, and just write them as they come to mind. Editing and proofreading can come in later once the writer is happy with the outcome of the freestyle exercise.

If an author finds himself or herself unable to even do this exercise, there are many writing exercises available online for him or her to participate in. Most of these writing exercises involve answering a series of random questions that actually serve as a guide in putting together a story. Some ask for a description of several photos, while others encourage unblocking the problem by encouraging people to go back to their own life experiences for inspiration.

In some cases, it could be that writer’s block can stem from poor health conditions that result from bad eating habits and lack of exercise. Writers should keep themselves physically fit and eat healthy food rich in vitamins and minerals, as these are the things that help maintain a steady stream of oxygen to the brain, which in turn stimulates the thinking process.

Writers should not fear getting writer’s block. Sometimes, it maybe necessary to take a break and step back from what one is doing in order to fully comprehend or grasp the bigger picture once in awhile.


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