Getting Started In Internet Marketing

Anyone with an online presence, whether it is a web site, a blog, or an auction related or other business, can benefit from internet marketing. Internet marketing is as essential to an internet business as advertising and marketing is to a brick and mortar business. Getting the word out about a web site or online project is one of the few ways to get people to either come to a web site or purchase a product. Without a decent amount of internet marketing, it would be very difficult for any online project to get off the ground.

Many people are intimidated when it comes to internet marketing though. Often they think that the online world is filled with people far more experienced in the marketing end of things than they are. The truth of the matter is they are probably right, but it is still not a valid excuse to not market a site or project online. Even a little bit of well placed internet marketing can be a good thing, often just the boost that a web site needs to go from failure to success. What are some of the basics of internet marketing and how should someone get started in the process?

Directory Submission

The internet is filled with directories listing various web sites. Often these directories are general in nature, listing any site in any niche, but sometimes directories are more focused at a specific niche and aim to be a go-to place on the web to find information specific to that subject matter. An easy, though sometimes time consuming, way to get a web site’s name out is by submitting to these directories. It is good for a site to be listed in both styles of directories, general and niche, so that it can draw the largest amount of traffic possible.

Pay Per Click

At times, someone owning a web site or online project will want to advertise their URL or web address on another web site. One of the best ways to do this is through pay per click (PPC) advertising. This form of advertising is entirely customizable by the advertiser. They can decide on the wording of their advertisement, what keywords they would like to be associated with, and even sometimes what specific web sites their ads will be shown on. The world of pay per click advertising should be entered slowly though as it is fairly easy for a novice internet marketer to unintentionally overspend their advertising budget.

Search Engine Optimization

A great way to get a good deal of traffic to a web site is by being ranked highly in the search results for Google, MSN, Yahoo, and other search engines. Being listed high in search engine results can sometimes be a tough thing to accomplish though. To get this done, a web marketer can either hire a search engine optimization (SEO) professional or company, or they can attempt to undertake the job themselves. It is not impossible for an amateur to improve and increase their search engine rankings through link building and refinement of their site and the content that is on it, and there is plenty of information available online with tips on how to do just that.

Article Marketing

One of the more popular ways for people building web sites to get content for their online project is to go to article databases. Article databases provide content that anyone can take and use on their site. The advantage this has for people is primarily related to the time consumption part of creating a web site, in this way they don’t have to write the content themselves. The advantage for an internet marketer is that they can now write articles that include links back to their web site and submit them to these article databases. In that way, when someone uses the article on their site they will be including the link back to the author’s site and the author of the article will benefit from increased rankings and possibly online traffic.

Though it can sometimes seem like a daunting task, it is possible for someone just starting out to successfully market their online project or web site. As important as it is to market a web site correctly, it is also important to start the marketing process as soon as possible. Though someone new to internet marketing may not have the confidence and depth of knowledge that a more experienced web marketer may have, they can still accomplish great things if they just take that step and start the internet marketing phase of their project sooner rather than later.


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