Getting Tanned Without the Health Risks


Authored by Carol Snider in Skin Care
Published on 12-29-2008

Almost everybody desires to have that golden and bronzed look. Even if it’s no longer summer time, people still try to find ways on how they can possibly get that golden tan. But what most people often forget is that tanning can also have its own set of effects on the skin. When you get yourself tanned, there are health risks involved which can actually have a major impact on your skin. This is the reason why you should care to guide yourself accordingly when it comes to tanning. And you should also remember not to overdo tanning or else, you just might really risk everything.

Nowadays, people often go to the beach for tanning purposes or simply go into their favorite tanning salon if the beach is just too far away. On both cases, tanning needed to be regulated. When you are out on the beach and you are there for a tanning session, you should always keep in mind the times when you will get your sun exposed. The time from 10 in the morning until 2 in the afternoon is known to be very harmful and can practically cause skin cancer. It is during these times when the sun shines harshly and direct contact is not advised. On the other hand, if you choose to get that tan in tanning salons you should always abide by the rules of that particular salon. You should also minimize exposure and go at a maximum of thrice a year if possible. Weekly tans can render your skin weak.

When you get your skin exposed under the harsh rays of the sun, you actually let it become prone to premature ageing. The direct heat absorbed by the skin from the harsh lights of the sun causes it to strip off the natural lipids and moisturizers found on the skin. As a result, your skin becomes more prone to skin ageing as it wrinkles and loses its naturally occurring nutrients. In addition, too much direct exposure from the sun also increases the chances of having age spots on your skin. This becomes obvious as you see dark spots appearing on your skin and sometimes, it can be mistaken for a big mole. Actually, these spots indicate lifeless places on your skin because of too much sun burn.

And perhaps the most major cause of too much tanning is skin cancer. Direct exposure from the sun’s heat causes you to get your skin burned and therefore cancer cells can also be triggered during the process. If you are not too careful about the whole thing, you may end up acquiring a malignant form of skin cancer so bear in mind that you will definitely need to regulate your exposure. In addition, you should also make sure that you have skin protection to effectively shield yourself from the harmful effects of tanning. Make sure you follow all the guidelines needed and that you still think of other things more than just getting that bronzed and tanned look you always wanted to have.


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