Getting the Best Music for Your Wedding

Choosing the right music for your wedding can be quite a big job. I have a suggestion that will make this task easier. Also a list of the most popular “first dance” songs.

Choosing a DJ for your reception can be a scary task if you go into it blind. You have to ask your friends, or their friends or anyone else you can think of for recommendations. You have to hope that if you hear of a good DJ, that you can get to him before he is booked. He needs to be able to supply cocktail & dinner music & enough personality to get the group up after the dinner & speeches are done to kick up their heels & party the remainder of the night.

When sending out the wedding invitation to your guests, include a card asking them for 3 songs they would enjoy dancing to at the reception and have them return it with their reply. By doing this, you will get a great turnout on the dance floor because everyone gets to suggest a few songs they will get up & dance to. Remember though, you have the final decision & this way you can create a nice mix of music. By including this card in the invitations, your guests feel like they have helped you in the planning of your wedding, even if it is a very small contribution.

Ask your DJ to add the songs you have chosen to his selection & you are sure to have everyone up for a dance. Make sure you have a good mix of fast & slow songs. People are going to be in a romantic mood & you can bet they are going to enjoy the slow ones also.

Are you having trouble finding a song for your first dance? You want something that is meaningful for you but just can’t find the right song? You’re not alone. Glance over the list to see if any of the most often played songs for a first dance will work for you.


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