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Getting under the skin of louis vuitton speedy bag

  • By Monica Call
  • Published 03/10/2011
  • Sample Category

Originally named the “Express”, the Speedy Bag of Louis Vuitton has been seen for nearly 80 years, as a famous staple in Louis Vuitton collections. There is no doubt that such a classic style has with it a glorious history. Through out all the past decades, the Speedy bags have been well received by consumers all over the world, and we can not count how many times we have seen them carried by celebrities and superstars. It seems that the Speedy collection will keep bringing us surprises, which are going to make it an everlasting legend in the world of designer bags. The Speedy bag was first conceived as a carry-on bag for short trips by train, and it became the very first crossover travel bag/city bag and has never been matched in popularity since. We have seen lots of amazing designs in the Speedy collection since its birth, from the Monogram canvas to the Damier, and more recently the Mini Lin, Watercolor, Graffiti, Murakami, and Miroir collections. The Speedy bag, without doubt, has appeared in countless manifestations and limited editions throughout it’s history, but the most incredible thing about this is that we’ve never got tired of the Speedy style, which proves that it is really timeless. We can always find new things in the old style, because every creative designer of Louis Vuitton, from Georges Vuitton to Marc Jacobs, has put his own personal touch on the Speedy. People has been getting used to seeing celebrities carry the Speedy bags in paparazzi photos, from Jessica Simpson to Madonna, to Beyonce, making it much easier to captivate fashionistas around the globe. Also naturally enough, the speedy bag is among the most replicated bags in the market. It will be fine if you go for the top grade replica Speedy bags, since they are also fabulously made, with great materials and fine workmanship.



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