Gettysburg: A “Phantastic” Halloween Haunt

Tired of the same old trick-or-treating routine? Disappointed that you are wearing the exact same costume as last year? Thought about enjoying the Halloween season in a less traditional way? Well, if you are looking for something different this Halloween, perhaps Gettysburg could be the ghostly site of choice this holiday season. Gettysburg is steeped in rich history and they pride themselves on the paranormal goings on in the area. Every year droves of people visit this popular hot spot hoping to catch a glimpse of a ghost soldier on horseback or a weeping Civil War apparition. So if you are dying to get into the Halloween spirit this year, Gettysburg might just be the perfect place.

You might think that Ghost Tours and Storytelling have become mundane and stereotypical events when it comes time for the most haunted night of the year. But the Farnsworth House Inn in downtown Gettysburg could pleasantly surprise you with their Mourning Theatre, perfectly located in the dark confines of the Inn’s basement. The room itself has been disturbingly renovated to look like a funeral, with the guests serving as spectators at this tragic event. Not only do the stories send chills up your spine, but the theatre offers something that others cannot. This event is sometimes haunted by the presence of a ghost who also thoroughly enjoys being a spectator at the Farnsworth. Sometimes the spirits sit among the living during story hour, and there have even been many reports of a young woman standing near the stairs. So if you dare, check out this spine-tingling adventure for yourself. Snagging a seat at the Mourning Theatre might just snag a front row seat to the best real life ghost show.

Think that an hour and a half of ghost stories isn’t enough spine-tingling action? Then consider staying the night in one of the notorious haunted rooms at the Farnsworth. Are you brave enough to sleep in the Sweney Room, infamous for its ghostly activity? Or do you desire to venture out into the battlefield in hopes of catching a phantasmic re-enactment of the Civil War? Once evening is upon us, it seems the best time to visit the battlefield. Just remember to check times as the park usually closes around 9PM. But until 9PM you can ghost hunt until your heart’s content. Bring your camera and venture into Triangular Field to see if you too have camera malfunctions when attempting to snap a picture. Visit the adjacent site, Devil’s Den, and listen for voices from the beyond.

Was the battlefield ghost hunt fruitless? Try the Ghosts of Gettysburg store, which holds special events to investigate haunted sites throughout the area. With their own paranormal equipment you can easily take part in what could be your first ghostly encounter. Conduct and listen to EVPs (electronic voice phenomena) for voices from the beyond; sift through the photos you took for spooky images; bring your camcorder and tape the entire venture. You never know what the camera’s lens captured that your humanly eyes could not. The Ghosts of Gettysburg also have special events happening year round, so if this Halloween you can’t find time in your spooktacular schedule to take part in Gettysburg’s Halloween festivities, remember that these ghost tours, storytelling, and investigations aren’t just for the Halloween season. Being in Gettysburg can be like celebrating Halloween at any time of the year, if you take part in all the city has to offer. However, if the ghostly experience is wasted on you, the town also has lovely, antiquated traditions that easily make anyone feel as if they time traveled back to the 19th century. Sip high noon tea and listen to Civil War style music; or tour the battlefield with an expert historian and guide. Whatever your poison, Gettysburg has it. So while everyone is celebrating in traditional Halloween fashion, put on your costume and roam the streets of Gettysburg. You might just be lucky enough to see a Civil War ghost mingling among the costumed visitors.


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