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Ghost goes and stylishness comes

  • By cherry luice
  • Published 01/26/2011
  • Copywriting

As we all know, Halloween (or Hallowe’en) is an annual holiday observed on October 31. During the festival, no matter the children or the adult, they will wear costumes and attend costume parties, carve jack-o’-lanterns, visit haunted attractions, commit pranks, tell ghost stories or other frightening tales, and watch horror films. It is said that these kinds of activities have several purposes according to different traditions, and the most popular one is to expel the harmless sprits which would go back to visit the villiage they once lived before they died, the other one is to brighten the way for the dead and treat them with good fruits their relatives harvested in the fields so the dead can find the way they belong to with a satisfied mood.       However, Halloween spreads to this day without the color of religious superstition. It becomes a children’s program, the masquerade of young people and a fancy costume ball showing people’s personalities, so it is no doubt that the jack-o’ lanterns, and the ghosts masks which are the preferred dressing in the old days can not satisfy the needs of our “in” generation.       As the concepts change, people choose the costumes according to their unique style. Children prefer the characters which have great ability, state-of-art weapons, special power and strong sense of justice so they can defeat the bad guys, uphold justice and get noticed, just like a superstar so as to meet their inner needs of proud. The costums they prefered are Iron Man, Spider Man, Superman and Transformers which should pay high tribute to the productive TV programs. Girls do not want to be a good girl, pretty barbie, nor an angel any more. They want to show their true feeling, abreact their true mood and show their sense of beauty and sexy. Look at the Avart model. It is not only a role in the blockbuster, but a fashionable trend, a sexy figure, a perfect curve and wonderful beauty. Can you learn her inner hearts from her fanciful dress? As time goes by, the concept has set foot onto a much more open orientation. Coolness and handsomeness are no longer the pursuits of the boys and adults. They have different kind of ideology and purposes on the ball, such as getting noticed by bizarre style or chasing girls by vitue of masculinity. Look at the banana. It is not only a banana in fact, it is also a kind of showing off their desire and confidence.       Nowadays, the traditional meaning of the festival has gone with wind, so do the vampire masks, witch dresses and werewolf clothing. New era opens our eyes, brightens our outlook and broadens our horizon, so just open your mind to brace for the gifts and ideas god gives to you, and to create the costums that you like and the style you cherish.The author strongly propose you to use the best buy cheap tag heuer watches provided by reputable retailer.



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