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Giant Binder Clip

Giant Binder Clip and Mini Binder Clip Front

In 2009 I did a review of a giant binder clip that I found during a trip to Boston.  Shortly after that review it became impossible to find them anywhere.  I’ve had readers of the blog emailing me regularly to ask where to get them.  Today the good news is that these giant binder clips available on Amazon again!

Giant Binder Clip and Mini Binder Clip 500 Plus Pages

What to do with a giant binder clip?

This giant binder clip measures 2.4″ wide and it can swallow up just about anything you throw its way.  The length of the handles on it gives you plenty of leverage to pry open the huge  jaws on this giant binder clip and wrap it around any stack of papers or other items you want to secure.  I never thought physics class would come in handy when discussing cool office supplies, but in thi;s case it helped me to understand why the giant binder clip is so easy to operate.


Giant Binder Clip and Mini Binder Clip

I’d highly recommend that you pick up one of these giant binder clips very soon.  Even if you are just remotely interested in them, keep in mind that they seem to be quite a hot commodity.  Once they are gone its never easy to find them again.  I still don’t know exactly what to do with mine.  Now that I have two I’m sure I’ll figure something out with the pair.

If you missed the original jumbo binder clip review, you should go and check it out.  We have had a ton of fun with this item and I’m sure that you will too if you manage to get your hands on one.

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