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Giant Paper Clips by ACCO The Megaclip Review


Pack of 5 Giant Paper Clips by ACCO

One of the more popular posts on this blog for a long time has been the Jumbo Binder Clip review that I did back in June of ’09, so I have been looking for a giant paper clip to review as a follow-up.  Turns out that ACCO brands has their own version of a giant paper clip, or the Megaclip.


Giant Paper Clips in Woody’s Hand for Size Comparison

Right off the bat you can see how big these things are in Woody’s hand, they measure a full 4″ in length, dwarfing a regular paper clip.  In my opinion, I think that the flashy gold finish does a bit more to draw attention to how big these are.  For some reason when I first saw these, I thought they might be a little flimsy and hollow inside, but after taping them together and on some hard surfaces, I am pretty certain that these are solid metal all the way through.


Giant Paper Clips by ACCO Megaclips on Doane Paper Idea Journal

Here is one more photo to give you an idea of exactly how big these jumbo paper clips are.  All five of them are seen here scattered on a full size Doane Paper Idea Journal.


Giant Paper Clips by ACCO Megaclips Clipped to Doane Paper Idea Journal

So the package and the Amazon page cite a limit of 50 sheets of paper can be held with these jumbo paper clips, so clearly I had to try that out for myself.  What I found was that in the Doane Paper Idea Journal, I was able to get the jumbo paper clip around about 35 sheets comfortably.  Anything beyond 35 seemed like it was stretching the limits of the clip, but keep in mind that the Doane Paper is a bit heavier than standard notebook paper, so I am pretty comfortable saying that you can probably get this around 50 regular sheets of paper.  Obviously the capacity is going to depend on where you use this, but I think it is a great tool for quickly holding together a bunch of files, or to use as a way to bookmark your notebook or journal.

I also tried the old trick of unfolding the paperclip into somewhat of a triangle and making it jump when you drop it.  Good news is that it does still work with this jumbo paper clip, bad news is that it is actually much harder to get it to work.  Because the jumbo paper clip is so much thicker and heavier, you need to bend the paper clip back much further to create enough tension to get it to flip, but the additional tension makes it much harder to get the two round surfaces to rest against each other before you launch it.  Regardless of if you plan on using these for holding papers or doing tricks, I think that for the price, these jumbo paper clips are fun and practical to have on hand, I just wouldn’t recommend them for that on the fly trick to fix your glasses if the screw comes loose that holds the arm to the frames, but if you DO decide to do that, please feel free to send a picture of yourself wearing said glasses with giant paper clip and I will post it here for the world to see. 🙂

Here is a video of someone doing the paper clip flip trick with a regular paper clip if you have not seen it done before:

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