Gift Ideas for 2YearOld Girls

If there is one thing that both adults and little children love, it’s gifts. Adults love to give gifts almost as much as the children love to receive them. Whether you are thinking about an upcoming holiday, a special little girl’s birthday, or want to give a gift for no reason other than to make her happy, there are plenty of ideas which will absolutely delight the little girl in your life.

Gifts must be fun. Educational gifts must also be fun. While nearly everyone would agree with these statements, it is also a good idea to consider that not every single gift must be educational. A good balance between educational gifts and those which have no other purpose but enjoyment really is in a small child’s best interest.

Educational gifts for a two-year-old girl serve a dual purpose. They will help her to learn; and they will introduce her to the wonderful joy that she will receive from learning. Some gift ideas in this category include toys which involve letters, words, and numbers. The two-year-old will find books to be fascinating. Books which are made of cloth or cardboard are best for youngsters of this age, as they are easier to handle without constant supervision. Simple books which introduce the child to the letters of the alphabet and familiar objects are a fun way to peak her curiosity for reading.

While alphabet and number blocks may seem cliche, nearly every child loves them. Plastic letters and numbers with magnets on the back can provide hours of fun and learning for the two-year-old. Toy telephones, often made of non-destructible plastic, will also make the two-year-old interested in numbers. All of these toys should be made of unbreakable plastic or wood which is free from dangerous lead paint.

Toys which encourage the imagination are excellent gifts for the two-year-old girl. These days, there is so much emphasis on educational learning that many youngsters do not have the opportunity to develop their imaginations. Clothing, costumes, and safe accessories to play dress-up are in this category. When you start a child on the path of developing her imagination at two years of age, it is a wonderful way to enrich her individuality. A youngster should not go through childhood without learning how to play pretend.

Toys which help the youngster to develop coordination and body strength are appropriate for two-year-old girls. Depending upon the particular type of toys she prefers, these can include large, safe, ride-on toys, or balls which are large enough and lightweight enough for her to handle and play with safely. Riding, throwing, catching, and bouncing are not only great fun for the two-year-old, they are a healthy form of exercise.

When you are considering gifts for the two-year-old girl, don’t forget the old standards of dolls, teddy-bears, and other stuffed toys. They can aid in learning experiences; but even more important, they can be the constant companions which every little child loves and needs.


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