Gift Ideas for 3 Year Old Girls


Authored by Michelle Fairbrother in Gifts 
Published on 11-22-2009

Kids are always a lot of fun. One of the most precious things in the world is seeing the look on a child’s face when they are opening a present. Kids love getting gifts. Whether it is their birthday, Christmas, or any other special occasion it’s the best feeling in the world to see a precious child so excited and happy. With all the different toys and games lining shelves today, it can certainly be a bit overwhelming trying to decide on a gift.

It really all depends on the age of the child as to which gift will make the best choice. For 3 year old girls for instance, buying gifts can be a lot of fun. At this age they are just starting to get their own personality and are learning how to read and write. Because they are still quite young you want to avoid anything too large or dangerous. Bicycles and bunk beds will be okay in a few years but these things are really not safe for children this young.

Art supplies are always a great choice for 3 year old girls. Children love expressing themselves and showing their creativity. Markers are probably not the best choice but crayons and finger-paints are sure to thrill. Art supplies are not only a lot of fun for the kids but they are affordable too – no worry of breaking the bank on wax crayons and construction paper.

Not every little girl is all about the pink and ribbons but most are pretty girly. Most girls love anything to do with dolls and ponies. Barbie dolls are an ideal choice because there is such a variety to choose from. Princess dolls always go over the best and you can get different hair combs and playhouses to go along with the doll. Little girls love to dress up their dolls and take them everywhere they go. Most become quite attached to their dolls. They can give them names and really enter a whole other world with their little doll friends.

A tea set is another of the best gift ideas for 3 year old girls. Little girls feel grown up when they have their own miniature tea set. The nicest thing about this gift is that the parents can get in on it too. All children love when their parents get involved and take the time to play with them. Parents can even put a bit of water in the teapot and let the child pour water into the little teacups. This adds more realism to it and they will love it.

Of course all children are different. Not all girls are going to have the same interests or hobbies. When they are this young the great thing is that they are going to love pretty much any present that they get. A lot of children this age still enjoy playing with the cardboard box and wrapping paper more than the actual gift. Regardless of the occasion, the most important thing is the thought has been put into the gift. This is what really matters, and when the child is surrounded by their family and friends they are going to love their presents that much more.


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