Gift Ideas for a 1 Year Old Baby

What fun to celebrate the first birthday of your baby or grandbaby!!
But what gift do you buy that special little one at that age?

Gifts that encourage physical and mental stimulation and learning are the best suggestion. Add fun to that equation, and you can’t do any better. Making use of all the baby’s extra energy is another plus.

Push toys are recommended for new unsteady walkers because the babies feel more stable and are anxious to do more walking in order to use the toy.

Pull toys are another type that encourage more walking and working on balance. They usually make interesting sounds as they move, and that attracts the baby’s attention. A girl loves a toy stroller in which she can place a doll and push it around.

Balls are an age-old favorite and work a baby’s motor skills by rolling, dropping, throwing, catching, and bouncing the ball around. Just be sure to buy a ball with a soft texture and maybe a bumpy surface to make it easier for the baby to grab and hold.

Blocks are another toy that has been around forever. Nowadays you can get squishy blocks made of foam that can stack and then fall down with no damage. They also float so can be used in the bathtub.

Bath toys encourage the baby to want to take a bath. There are many varieties of types and shapes including ones that stick on the wall or squirt water.

Stacking and nesting toys work the child’s motor skills and imagination as the toys are stacked, knocked down, put inside each other, and taken apart.

Shape sorting toys teach how to put things together and work on the coordination between hand and eye. If the different shapes are inside an animal or other container, the child can be taught to put them all away when finished. What a good way to learn that!

Toy phones are popular because the child sees his parents on a phone and will want to mimic them. This helps with language skills as well as having the fun of punching buttons. The noise of the ringer creates laughter, too.

Musical instruments give the baby the desire to make noise and bang on things. If you don’t want to set up actual drums, you can use pots and pans from the kitchen for a budget way to create an “instrument”.

Babies always love to be read to from an early age, and to have his or her own board book with the thick pages is a joy. The books are hard to destroy and encourage language skills and an appreciation of reading and art.

An animal farm from Fisher-Price with its different shapes and battery-operated animal sounds teach a baby a lot about animals. The sounds of the different animals can be learned, and the barn holds everything and can be closed up to keep all the pieces together.

Riding toys are good if they are easy to get on and off and don’t tip. This promotes climbing skills, balance, and agility. It is best to use these on carpeted surfaces in case the child falls. It’s smart to have the toy lightweight so that it can be pushed and pulled easily.


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