Gift Ideas for Dancers

When it comes to finding a suitable gift for someone, it is always best to inform with friends or relatives what the person involved likes best, and start from that.

When you need to buy a present for a dancer, you can perhaps choose something connecting with their hobby.

A dancer can always use some of the things he or she needs, like seamless tights in a range of colors (ballet pink, black, caramel, cocoa, light pink, natural, suntan and white). Or T strap shoes for dancers, with an adjustable buckle closure and a 3” stacked heel. And what about a music mat with 3 skill levels and a pre-programmed dance routine? The kids using it can hop, skip and dance to the beats.

Little girls will love to get a beautiful tutu (pink is the color here) or a dance skirt in tulle. You can also pleasure them with a satin bag, in which they can carry their ballet slippers.

For the rest, use your imagination! Perhaps you can buy her or him some nice jewelry. Online you can find countless sites that sell jewelry and decoration for dancers. If you have some money to spare, you can also go to a jewelry designer and have him/her make the item you have in mind.

I had a very good friend in Beverly, who used to dance in New York, in one of the leading ballet groups. For her thirtieth birthday, I wanted to give her something special. From everything she told me, I knew that she had a preference for a certain position in ballet, and so I asked another friend who designs and make jewelry if she could do a ballerina in that exact position. She made it out of silver, with blue and white gleaming stones – and Beverly just loved it!

According to the dancer’s likes and dislikes , you can also pick a present in the form of a book, like Danielle Steel’s “Zoya’. Against the backdrop of the Russian Revolution and World War I, Zoya, a young cousin of Tsar Nicholas, flees St. Petersburg and arrives in Paris to find safety. She joins the Ballet Russe, but her entire world is changing and she has to face hard times. When life is more kind to her, Zoya moves to a new and glittering life in New York. But then Depression strikes and she loses everything again. It is her career as a ballet dancer, and also the man she meets in the course of it, which ultimate save her. A book recommended for those who love romance!

There are also various performances to be found on DVD. A couple of those I have, and really as a ballet lover are ‘Bolshoi in the Park’ – a performance of the Bolshoi Ballet with the stars of that moment in Londen, the most beautiful pas-de-deux, performances of Baryshikov and Nurejev, and of course various full length performances (like Swan Lake, Spartacus, La Sylphide, Romeo and Juliet, Le Corsaire,…)


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