Gift Ideas for Kindergarten Teachers


Authored by Ceetee Sheckels in Gifts
Published on 12-14-2009

Kindergarten teachers have a job that is fun, exciting, stressful and demanding. When a holiday is approaching, it is a good time to show your child’s kindergarten teacher how special she is and how much you appreciate her. There are a couple of categories of gifts from which you can choose.

One type of gift is a gift that will make her job easier and more enjoyable. They can range from supplies for her to use in the classroom, to tote bags for carrying all of those important items home in the evening. These kinds of gifts are easy to find in department stores, office supplies stores, and online. They are also available in a range of prices. You can make the kindergarten teacher’s gift truly special by having it personalized. A nice pen and pencil set, or a large canvas bag, is a practical gift which will be appreciated even more when you take the time to have her name engraved or emblazoned on it. While these kinds of gifts are traditional, their popularity never goes out of style.

Another type of gift is one that is solely for her own enjoyment. While kindergarten teachers are in the classroom for a large part of the day, and often have extra work duties afterward, she is a person as well as a teacher. It is generally not considered proper to give a teacher a gift that is too personal, but you still have plenty of leeway in selecting a gift for her. Depending upon your price range, these kinds of gifts can include tickets to a movie or a theatrical presentation, or a gift basket filled with a nice selection of cheeses and other treats. One of these gifts can be something special for the teacher to enjoy when she has free time away from the classroom.

If you want to include your child in the gift-giving process, handmade gifts from students are usually a hit with teachers. You can help your child to make homemade cookies or brownies, or a piece of artwork if he is especially talented. When your child gives a gift to his first school teacher, it is a delightful experience for both the teacher and the youngster.

Buying or making a gift for your kindergarten teacher can be fun. It will surely be well-received if you keep a few points in mind. First, it is generally considered to be inappropriate to give a teacher a personal gift, such as flowers or clothing. Second, even if you are tempted to give your child’s first teacher an extravagant gift, it is not in good taste to give a gift that is much more expensive than those she receives from other students. If you rely on these tips, your choice of gift is sure to be a success. She will know that you put time and thought into selecting something just for her. As there are more male kindergarten teachers today than in the past, these ideas and tips work equally well whether the kindergarten teacher is a man or a woman.


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