Gift Ideas for Teachers


Authored by Kristian Keefer in Gifts
Published on 01-15-2009

There are a variety of practical, creative and fun gifts that you can give to your child’s teacher. If your children are young, your child might want to make homemade gifts for their favorite teachers. It is common to give gifts to teachers around the holidays and at the end of the school year.

You might want to give your child’s teacher a practical gift that will make their life in the classroom easier. You can purchase a gift card for the local office supply store where they can purchase classroom supplies. Walmart and other super centers are also a great choice for gift cards. Your teacher can find a variety of products for class projects and crafts. A day planner or desk calendar is another practical gift that any teacher can use to keep track of important school events and days off.

Gifts from the heart of students will warm a teacher’s heart and provide a gift that will last long after students graduate to the next grade level. Organize with other parents in the classroom to create a memorable t-shirt for the teacher. Each child can sign their name on the t-shirt. For younger kids, you might want to create a shirt containing each of their handprints.

Personalized notes from each student in the class will also provide a lovely gift for the teacher. Each student can write a message thanking their teacher for all they do to create a creative and fun learning experience.

You might want to think about creating a classroom scrapbook for your child’s teacher. The scrapbook can contain artwork and craft projects from the children. Pictures of the class and the teacher should also be included. Leave room for the teacher to add more pieces to the scrapbook. A classroom scrapbook is also a good gift to be given by older students. Middle school and high schools students can get together with their friends to create a scrapbook for their teacher.

If you are a parent chaperone for a class field trip or if you volunteer in the classroom, you will have the perfect opportunity to take a classroom photo. Have all the kids gather for a group pictures. You can then print out the best picture (if you used a digital camera) or have the picture developed. Place the picture in a fancy frame the teacher can set on his or her desk to remember the class for years to come.

Give your child’s teacher a special treat by baking a basket of goodies for them. If you have young children, they will probably want to help cook for their teacher. Older students might decide to bake a batch of cookies or a special cake for their teacher on their own. You can also treat a teacher to their favorite take-in meal. Order their desired meal and have it delivered to the teacher on their lunch break.

Offer your child’s teacher a gift certificate for a few hours of your time spent volunteering in the classroom. A teacher always appreciates some extra hands around the classroom. You can help with a large classroom project, craft or a class party. You can even offer to do chores for the teacher. For example, you can run copies of tests for her or help decorate the classroom for the next holiday or special occasion.

There are many ways to show your child’s teacher that they are appreciated and respected. Take the time to select a great gift.


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