Gift Ideas For Truck Drivers

Being a trucker is rather a lonely profession (my cousin William is one, so I know about it). They spend long and monotonous hours in their cabin, driving along highways all over the world. So if you want to pleasure your favorite trucker with a nice present, you may think of items that will help to make the long journey more pleasant and will help them to more easily stay in touch with their loved ones.

Gift for a more pleasant and less boring trip can be:

A portable television set – especially when it’s combined with a DVD player, is a nice gift. You can even add a subscription to one of the truck stop TV services.

A food cooler or refrigerator –it can’t be too large as the cabin doesn’t provide a lot of space. Just enough to keep some food cooled (you can also provide it with some milk, lunch meats, cheese and any other food your trucker likes).

A bathroom travel kit – which doesn’t have to be fancy as the trucker uses public showers. A nice little bag with many pockets will do perfectly.

Luggage bags – as been told before, a truck’s cabin is not that big, so the trucker doesn’t have space for a big suitcase. Buy him a handy bag, in which he can fit his fresh clothes.

Polarized sunglasses – a good set of sunglasses is something every trucker needs, as they drive in various places and need a good sight. Look for something that is scratch resistant and won’t easily break.

Books – they can be a great distraction if the trucker is caught up in a traffic jam or is waiting to pass a border. In general, books are less expensive than DVD’s. Just take care that you choose a book that the trucker will want to read, so better check for his taste in books first.

Decorative lights – your trucker perhaps wants to decorate his cabin with some lights, to his own taste.

Gifts for getting in touch with the ones left behind may include:

A satellite radio – which gets reception anywhere. In the USA, you can go either with XM or Sirius, depending on the preference for music or talk radio. If your loved one likes American Football, go with Sirius, as they cover all the games of the season.

A cell phone – and more explicitly, one with a hands-free set. When they call hands-free, their hands will be on the steering wheel and this will be a lot safer. Of course you also need a cell phone that will work practically anywhere and won’t run out of minutes after half a month.

A laptop or notebook – this will meet the basic needs of the trucker. By email he can stay in touch with his family or loved ones, and the internet will offer information when necessary. There are various plans for wireless internet. Check with your telephone company to see what the possibilities are.


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