Gifts for 2 Year Old Boys

Two year old boys are notoriously hard to shop for. Not yet old enough to understand the appeal of Lego blocks, they are frequently so rambunctious that balls and bats would make for a better option. Then again, children in daycare or those indoors at home for most of the day will have little use for a baseball bat. If gifts for 2 year old boys are a head scratcher for you as well, you will be glad to learn that there are solutions.

Look for the Frog

Leapfrog is an excellent brand of electronic toys. If the two year old on your gift list has left the mouthing of toys – and subsequent spitting – behind, consider one of the many learning toys this company puts out. They can withstand some rough handling and still continue to function. While a Leap Pad might be still far too advanced, there are plenty of other toddler friendly options that entertain the boy, even when he is cooped up inside. As a parent who has purchased plenty of electronic toys in her time, there is one warning: make sure that the toy has an on/off switch and also a loudness control. Some toys are extremely loud and may need a bit of tone moderation for adult ears.

Play Kitchen

Who says that gifts for 2 year old boys must all be about cars, trucks and tools? A sturdy – preferably wood manufactured – play kitchen with utensils and pretend food offers hours of educational fun. The odds are good that the little tyke watches you cook at least once a day, and this offers a natural outcropping of the inborn toddler tendency to play pretend. Certainly, you do not want to offer a pink apron; this might be a hard sell on dad.

Fisher Price Little People

There are copious play sets from Fisher Price in the Little People line. There are zoos, a house, an airport, a train and a host of other configurations. Since the figures fit into all of the settings, this is the kind of toy that offers a toddler the tools needed for great imaginary play. Best of all, these toys are cheap and if you are on a fixed budget, they are definitely well worth a second look.

My Little Surf Van

This van finally provides the car that dad has been pining for. A family of surfers may be placed inside the car and secured in place with magnets. Take the van anywhere and allow the surfers to switch seats, ride on the roof or pretend to finally arrive at the destination. A perfect gifts for 2 year old boys! On a side note: if you have twins or two boys close in age, it is a good idea to buy two of these toys or you will listen to endless squabbles over whose turn it is to play with the van.

Little Tikes Workshop

The workbench – complete with tools and doodads – is the rite of passage that has junior strutting his stuff on the heels of dad. Keep in mind that your toddler won’t know that hitting a plastic hammer on a glass window is not a good idea, so offering some guidance as the situation arises is a must. Just like the play kitchen, this is a very educational toy that is sure to offer hours of fun.

If All Else Fails…

If buying gifts for 2 year old boys is just something that taxes you because the toddlers are so different from other little guys their age, invest in heavy duty boxes. These are actually available at toy stores everywhere and need to be folded to be made to look like bricks. There is not a toddler, who does not enjoy playing with boxes and using them to build castles or other structures.


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