Gifts for Grandmother

Shopping for a grandmother can be difficult. For grandchildren, bridging the age gap can seem impossible. Finding a great gift for a grandmother is as simple as knowing a little about her. If you’re still not certain, there are a few guaranteed great gifts that any grandmother will love.

Photo Frames

Grandmothers have collected numerous photos of friends and family throughout the years. Photo frames give them a great way to display their favorite photos. You can also place a meaningful photo of you, your family or even a picture of the grandmother in the frame. Photo frames can be a single frame or a collage. For a more personalized gift, have photo frames engraved. You can place dates, quotes, names or anything else you want to on the edges of the frame.


What woman doesn’t like jewelry? This includes grandmothers. Consider jewelry with her birthstone. Rings, necklaces and bracelets can be customized to include the birthstones of her children and/or grandchildren. If she attends a specific church, consider purchasing a cross or Bible with the name of her church on it. For religious grandmothers, Bible verses or verse references can be engraved on jewelry.

Jewelry doesn’t have to be expensive or engraved. Handmade jewelry from grandchildren is always something special. The purpose is to simply give her something she’ll be proud to wear.


T-shirts and sweatshirts are popular gifts for grandmothers, especially those customized by a grandchild. These shirts can include something stating how wonderful the grandmother is, the names of any grandchildren or a family picture.


Consider a keepsake grandmother’s journal to help her pass on her memories to her children and grandchildren. Keepsake journals provide space for pictures and entries about her past and present. The journal is full of prompts to encourage her to write about her life in detail. This allows her to relive the good times and share them with her family.


Small children don’t have the money to buy gifts most of the time; however, this doesn’t mean they can’t give beautiful gifts. Small children can create handmade cards and crafts. Crafts may include popsicle frames, hand drawn pictures, sewn or knitted items and anything else hand made.

Gift Cards

If you can’t seem to find the perfect gift, purchase a gift card to her favorite store. This will allow her to buy clothing, shoes, jewelry or anything else she may want. Consider going shopping with her so you can spend time together and make the gift more special.


Grandmothers are often the ones who do most of the cooking for get-togethers. Sometimes the best gift you can give her is to cook for her. Either cook her favorite meal or take her out to her favorite restaurant. She’ll enjoy spending time with her family or friends, especially when she doesn’t have to clean up the dishes afterwards.

Finding a great gift for a grandmother isn’t difficult. Customized gifts are always perfect and memorable. Spending time together is also a wonderful gift in itself. Handmade gifts and crafts from grandchildren are also wonderful. Just think about what would bring a smile to her face and you’ve got the perfect gift.


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