Gifts for Preteen Boys


Authored by Crystal Crowder in Gifts 
Published on 12-03-2009

Preteen or tween boys can be hard to shop for. However, there are numerous gifts that will put a smile on any preteen boy’s face. Preteen boys include ages 10 to 12. Use the list below to find something perfect for any preteen boy. Some gifts may require you to know their interests for the best gift.

  • Video games are popular gift ideas. If you know the type of console the boy owns, purchase a compatible video game. Games can run anywhere from $10 to $300.
  • Game consoles are popular ideas for preteen boys. Consoles can be purchased new or second hand and cost between $50 to $300. Some consoles have multiple functions such as DVD player, music player and Internet browser. Popular consoles include the Nintendo Wii, Xbox, Xbox 360, Playstation 2, Playstation 3, PSP and Nintendo DS.
  • Construction toys are appropriate for preteen boys. K’Nex and Legos are two of the most popular and are actually appropriate for any boy that enjoys building things. Small and large sets are available and prices greatly vary.
  • Books are perfect for preteen boys that like to read. Most boys prefer science fiction, fantasy and non-fiction. Non-fiction should be about things the boy enjoys such as sports, cars and hobbies. Most books appropriate for preteen boys can be found in the young adult, teen, sci-fi, fantasy and non-fiction sections. If you are worried about content, stick with the young adult and teen sections.
  • Comic books are an alternative to books. Many boys enjoy comics. Find out what they are interested in if possible, such as a specific series.
  • DVDs and CDs are great for boys of all ages. You’ll need to know basic interests such as music type and type of movie. Action and comedy movies are fairly safe bets for boys. Music depends highly on the boy.
  • If a preteen boy is interested in sports, either plays or is a fan, consider sports gear and fan gear. Sports paraphernalia is available for almost every team including college and professional. If the preteen boy plays sports, get them practice equipment or an item with their school’s team’s logo.
  • Gift cards are the best idea if you’re unsure about a boy’s interest. Most boys enjoy electronics, music, movies, games and/or books. Gift cards to electronics stores, department stores, online retailers and malls will allow the boy to choose what he wants.
  • Board games are good ideas of preteen boys. Typically games listed for ages eight and up work best for preteen boys. They can play games with their friends and family.
  • For creative boys, consider art sets and supplies. These are sold at many online retailers and at most hobby and craft stores.
  • Day passes to play laser tag and paintball and ride go-karts are great if you have a local place nearby.
  • Model car kits and rocket kits are also great ideas for most all preteen boys. This allows them to build something they can either set up or use.

Shopping for a preteen boy doesn’t have to be difficult. If you’re the parent, pay attention to your child’s interests. If you’re a friend or other family member, talk to the parents about the boy’s interests. Even if you don’t have a clue where to start, gift cards can allow you to give the perfect gift every time.


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