Gifts for Preteen Girls


Authored by Ceetee Sheckels in Gifts 
Published on 12-06-2009

The preteen years can be an interesting, exciting time. Holidays are ideal for giving the kinds of gifts that will enhance this all-too-brief period in a young girl’s life. During the ages of ten through twelve, the girl is no longer a little child, but she is also not a teenager. The best gifts are the ones which let her know that childhood is over, teen life has not yet begun, and the time in between can be great. Whether you are looking for gifts for your own preteen or for someone else, it is a good idea to resist the impulse to buy teen gifts, just as you should resist the urge to buy childly presents. For a girl who is not yet a teenager, real cosmetics are as inappropriate as dolls. Enjoying the here-and-now is a better goal.

One standard part of preteen life which has remained popular for many generations is a diary or a journal. It is unlikely that there is any girl between ten and twelve years of age who would not love to receive one. Many girls in this age group consider it to be their favorite gift. There are plenty of styles to choose from, ranging from the long-popular “My Diary” books which close with a little lock, to fancier journals in a nearly-limitless variety of colors, designs, and fabrics. They can be found in department stores, card shops, and online.

The preteen girl also loves clothes. You can take this as an excellent opportunity to provide her with fashion that is in good taste. Whether your gift is something which she can wear to school, for socializing with her friends, or just for spending time around the house, you can find quality clothing in all price ranges. If you know her favorite colors and styles, this can help you to choose a gift she will appreciate.

As on-the-go sums up preteen life as much as their older counterparts, preteen gifts which take this into consideration will also be appreciated. Depending upon your budget, you can present her with a portable mp3 player, a prepaid cell phone, or an easy-to-use digital camera so that she can preserve all of the special moments of her everyday life.

Youngsters in this age group usually have a favorite interest or hobby. When you give a gift which focuses on this, you will be helping her to develop her interest, as well as making constructive use of her free time. For example, your preteen girl may be especially fond of crafts, music, dance, or cooking. She will know that her favorite interest is important when your gift helps her to develop her talents.

Magazine subscriptions are another good idea for preteen gifts. There are plenty of music and fashion magazines suitable for this age group. A magazine subscription will be like receiving a gift every month throughout the year. Teen and Tiger Beat are two of the most popular.


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