Gifts Ideas for Twins

Authored by Jennifer Burss in Gifts
Published on 09-19-2009

New babies are a tremendous joy. Twins only double that joy, but gift ideas for twins may be difficult to find in most stores. Gifts for twins can be put together from individual baby gifts bought at just about any store. Baby items are often very expensive and with twins that cost obviously doubles. There are many ways to give wonderful gifts to the twin siblings in your life.

Duplicate baby items such as burping cloths, baby bottles, rattles, and items for maintaining baby grooming and hygiene can all be placed in baskets wrapped with cellophane paper and ribbon and given as a gift basket to the happy, yet very busy new parents. Baby outfits and bibs can be purchased at thrift stores at deep discounts. If someone has identical twins of the same gender and wishes to dress them similarly at a young age it is possible to find nice similar outfits.

As twins or siblings close in age get older, they’ll undoubtedly want more engaging activities. Learning games that utilize memory and concentration or activities that they can do together or with friends may be favored by both parents and children. Arts and crafts style activities are always a huge hit with kids and can even be purchased at a dollar store. Making craft gifts for friends and family will also build a sense of confidence and sense of individual tastes in each child.

Since twins are apparently more bonded than other siblings, things they can do together may also be popular. Board games and sports may be something of interest. Any game or sport that can be played in pairs or groups while with friends would be good. Anything with interaction with other children and each other would most likely be enjoyed by both kids. Tickets to favorite films, plays, or museums with Mom and Dad or Grandma and Grandpa may be enjoyed once children are school age.

Twins are obviously a bit more difficult to shop for as time goes on. It is probably best to treat them as individuals, especially as time passes by and they get older. Individual gifts are now very easy to find with internet sites that sell every kind of gift imaginable. Everything from clothes to sports equipment is available on line.

Tailoring gifts to each child’s personality is now easier than ever with multiple website dedicated to gifts for children.The gifts available are for every age range, gender, and taste. Toys are available in every material commonly available . Presents can be personalized with names and gender of each twin. Gifts for baby twins also are inscribed with funny sayings and can be decorated with photos.

Single births, twin, triplets and other multiple births present an interesting challenge to parents and other family members . A little creativity also helps as buying the same gifts for each child may get not only boring,but,cause some gifts to not be used or enjoyed fully.


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