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Give me the best gifts for christmas

  • By Sharon Baptiste
  • Published 06/6/2011
  • Article Writing

At the crossing advent of Christmas,people will choose different ways to show their warmness to their warmness to their friends & relatives,will you? According to the official statistics,the number of choosing a gift for Christmas is about 98%,but only 10% of those are choosing gifts with their deep heart. Here let me give you some advices: 1.Deepen the understanding of your friends and relatives. Don’t take busy work as the excuse, just a ten-minute phone call would not take you so much time,but you can get many information about your love. 2.Show your emotion to the people you love . To some people, they are double dealer. The real feeling will always be hidden in the deepest part of their heart. Like this  kind of person,you can choose a gift that can show you love to your parents, your friends or even you GF or BF. Your best choice for Christmas—–Electronic products To your parents—Camera&Home Video Actually, whatever a gift it is, or even back with your empty hands, parents would be satisfied. Because what they really needed is about your coming back and together with the family. However, if you come back home,a empty hand is irrational. You’d better share your achievements with your parents and ressure them.Thinking about these two man, as they are old, their heart will as childish as children’s. They want to try every fresh just like a child do,but they are unwilling to let anyone to discover it. So get them a camera to record everthing they interested, thus you can also get some useful from the camera. Wow,you just achieve two things at one stroke.Yet, another clear feature as an old man is memorable, especially the old songs,then a Home Video theatre is needed to make them happier at home. To your friends—MP3/MP4 & Camera To your friends, it depends on how you understand them. You should take a consideration about your friends whenever it needed. Choosing a gift that can keep forever ,thus the friendship between you and others would be connected forever. I will recommend you to choose MP3/MP4 and camera. Especially to your GF or BF,with some photos of you in camera or some word you want to say but without chance in MP3/MP4.Think carefully ,how romantic it is! Maybe you can get this way to propose. As you can see, so many benefits to get a electronic products for Christmas,you shouldn’t miss it. Come on, bring the electronic products home to your love.



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