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Giving Advice By Article Writing

  • By Chris Kennelly
  • Published 02/27/2009
  • Article Writing

The topics for article writing are practically limitless, as each and every person does not specialize in all aspects of life. Therefore a computer expert may provide advice by article writing on various computing subjects such as buying a computer, getting the best anti virus solution or basic computing skills. When you decide to provide advice by article writing you need to be aware of certain issues that are relevant to this process as well as when you submit your article to the relevant directory or multiple directories. This applies whether you are writing the advice from a personal motivation or for marketing purposes.

As mentioned many people will use an article writing effort to market their business and or product or service, this does in fact represent an extremely cost effective marketing option in terms of generating traffic to your website. What must be kept in mind is that this does not give you a license to post a sales brochure on the article directory, but rather provide a valid article in terms of advice and tips. The sales portion is contained in the author’s bio box, which will contain a link through to your website. It is extremely important that you realize this prior to submitting the article, as you do not want to make the effor

t and spend the time writing the article and then having it rejected by the editors of the article directory. Also bear in mind that you are representing your company in submitting this written material, so you will want to stay on the topic that you have decided upon as well as provide a valuable insight into the subject matter you have chosen. In writing purely for the purpose of sharing your knowledge or experience, the same rules will apply in the submission of your written material. The point here is that you would want people to read and possibly use your advice and therefore you should attempt to keep the writing applicable and relevant to the topic that you have chosen, or the specific advice that you would like to provide. You will also want to captivate the reader so that they gain as much information from their reading experience as possible.

Whether writing for business or personal reasons you should provide a captivating title, and your introduction or description of the article should make the reader want to read more about the topic you have chosen to write on. Remember to keep the writing on topic so that you may impart value to the reader, by doing this you will get good ratings and your article will gain true popularity within the directory. This will make the article writing exercise well worth the time and effort invested into the process.



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