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Glamorous gucci 1973 brown suede bag

  • By Murphy Beverly
  • Published 12/9/2010
  • Satire

A Gucci handbag is loved by almost every female. Carrying it means good taste and fashion. And some of the Gucci handbags have special meanings. Even though Gucci handbags are expensive, they are own by many people. Superstars love them much. Gucci handbags are available in different styles and designs. There are different types of bags from Gucci. And each of them is ideal for women to carry for different occasions. That is why a handbag from Gucci is always the best seller in the market. It is trendy and stylish! Women love it very much. Each year, the latest item from Gucci is introduced in fashion magazines and TV programs. The Gucci 1973 Brown Suede Bag is one of the latest items this year. It is a glamorous shoulder bag which is suitable for autumn’s carrying. Rich suede is the material of it. There are two patterns on the front and back side of it. Besides suede, the dark brown leather makes it look elegant. It is easy to carry with the chain strap of 42 cm. The open pocket and inside zip pocket 28 x 6 x 16 cm make it suitable for placing some small items. This latest item of Gucci shows glamour. And it is perfect for the owners to wear jacket and boots when they are carrying it. And it is said that it will be one of the best sellers of Gucci this year. It is sold at $1,495. This price tag is just reasonable for a Gucci handbag. It is also suitable for people to carry it for some parties. A handbag is an important accessory for women today. It is said that from the bag a woman carries one can infer her personality. Thus, it is necessary for women to carry a nice handbag. This one from Gucci is a good consideration for people who are looking for a trendy bag.



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