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Glashutte Original Winter Dream Wristwatch for Christmas Present

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The upcoming winter is always exciting-romantic snow, fresh air, cute lint hat, warm coffee mug and the approaching Christmas and New Year. Every winter breeds a new dream. Glashutte Original Winter Dream cartier santos replica wristwatch expresses our most beautiful aspiration and wishes. WinterDream, represents winter in this cycle of seasons: a white time; a dream; clear, pure, and grandly quiet a blanket of snow lies across the land. The wearer of the WinterDream timepiece will be pleased by its cool elegance, allowing her to feel the magic of the winter season in a special way.

The gloss of glaring diamonds is so exquisite and eye-catching that as the light casting on the ice. Glashutte replica cartier watches Original designers draw inspiration from this resemblance and create Winter Dream wristwatch with dreamy, transparent and white winter temperament. Females will also be indulged in these elegant and refined characteristics from this watch.

It case is made of white gold. There are 18 blue diamonds and 70 white diamonds in the dial. And the bezel also is inlaid with 64 white diamonds. The ice blue dial of this Winter Dream wristwatch was described a d

eadwood pattern, and the side of case is manually engraved with crystal snowflake. The total weight of these diamonds inlaid in the watch measures 2.050 carats. It matches up Acqualino strap treated with bright snowflake processing. Even the buckle is also adorned with 22 diamonds. The dial is covered with paper-thin MOP. Both season patterns and gems in the case are hand-made crafted by jewelry artists.

The precious metal case is beat by Cal.9 movement, which inherits exclusive Saxon craftsmanship and excellent quality of Glashutte Original: gooseneck type vernier device made by Glashutte Original master watchmakers, which can guarantee the movement’s precise adjustment and best frequency. The gooseneck type vernier device is fixed on the bridge of balance wheel, rare design in watch technology. This edition follows all the traditional watch making technologies cartier roadster replica of Glashutte Original manufactory, like the three-quarter splint polished with special Glashutte Original grains, offset mini type skeleton 21 k automatic rotor, perfect manually abrading bevel and blue stainless steel screws.

Sparkling gemstones, precious materials, a rich creativity, and innovative watch making are united in the creation of masterpiece, which accentuates the style of the self-assured, modern woman in a powerful and glamorous way. nopicture-1149535

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