Go Green Craft Ideas


Authored by Brandy Burgess in Crafts 
Published on 10-16-2009

Why not help teach your children about the benefits of going green through fun and interactive crafts? Instead of throwing away old bottles or clothing, go green and use these materials to create new products. Try some of these go green craft ideas.

Go Green Craft Ideas: Throw Pillows

It’s extremely simple to use old household products to create throw pillows for your home. By using old t-shirts, you can sew together small, medium or large sized pillows. For the filling, use old plastic bags. Americans throw away over 100 billion plastic bags every year and less than 1 percent of those bags get recycled. You can also use plastic bags as the filling for stuffed animals and other plush items.

Go Green Craft Ideas: Fabric Bags

When you need a bag to bring to the store or just to carry your things, consider going green with a home-made fabric bag. Use an old t-shirt or pair of jeans as the bag and cut to size. Sew the fabric together to create a bag and use another long piece of fabric for a strap. If you use a colored or detailed t-shirt, you’re already good to go. If you decided to use an old white t-shirt, purchase some inexpensive fabric markers and design your own bag.

Go Green Craft Ideas: Sock Monkeys

You may remember sock monkeys from your childhood. These easy to make kid-friendly crafts are great for toddlers. Give your child an old miss-matched sock and a bin of items to add to their monkey. Items such as fabric markers, buttons, googly eyes, glitter and felt can make the monkey come alive.

Go Green Craft Ideas: Reuse Candles

For those who enjoy the scents and calmness of candles, consider melting down your old ones to reuse. If you have a candle that is half melted and want to create a new candle, simply melt it down to a smooth wax in a sauce pan over low heat. When completely melted, you can pour the hot wax into a small glass container such as an old jelly jar. Simply add a wick into the center of the wax before it cools. Home-made candles also make a great gift!

Go Green Craft Ideas: Stencils

Are some items in your home becoming dull or boring to look at? No need to replace your old furniture and other household objects. By simply purchasing some inexpensive stencils, you can turn your plain household items into your own artwork. You can use stencils on furniture or across the wall to act as a border. If you prefer creating your own unique design, use the cardboard from an old cereal box and draw your own stencil. Give your piece of furniture or wall a new coat of paint and draw on your stencil.

Go Green Craft Ideas: Conclusion

If you’re looking for some fun and unique crafts to help you go green, consider some of these options. Going green is important and you can help by reusing old materials around your home and turning them into new, useful items.


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