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Good Article Writing Goes A Long Way

  • By Chris Kennelly
  • Published 03/10/2009
  • Article Writing

If you are conducting article writing for business or profit purposes, you are going to want to make the article effective, relevant and essentially valid to the subject that you will be writing about. This will gain you credibility from the readers, that will in turn take the content seriously and click through to your site or the link specified in your author bio box. But first you have to provide a compelling reason for the reader to read through your article. Consider how many times you have read some content on the web, via articles, blogs or websites. And then consider the content that actually grabbed your attention and kept you reading, almost wanting more. This sort of tactic must be applied to your article writing activities, as this will get the reader to continue through the article. However the most important starting point will be your article title, which should already capture the attention of the reader and beckon them to continue through the article.

When article writing, consider writing with the end in mind, this implies that should you want your article to be spread across the internet then you have to make it worthwhile enough for those people seeking that sort of quality content to want your writing incorporated on their website, blog or perhaps even their written publication. T

his is motivation to provide a quality article that will be recognized as such and reprinted and republished in many possible places. One of the great advantages of this process is that the publishers must retain your author bio box, as well as your links which can serve as an advertisement for your site, products and services. Besides the quality, and probably compelling content that you have provided in your article writing process, the quality part obviously includes the proper grammar and spelling, ensure that you read through your article a few times prior to submitting it for online publication, as once it is published it will remain there. This is in fact another benefit, as the article remains within the directory for all to view and may provide new readers in future. A specific writing trait that should be kept in mind, especially when writing about technical issues that may be related to your specific market include reducing or eliminating as much of the industry jargon as possible. This will enable more readers to understand and appreciate the content, and therefore gain more value from the article.

The process of article writing and distribution also serves as a valuable linking exercise as these articles will form links to your website or specific page and therefore add to your pages ranking on search engines. Therefore one can use article writing for linking as well as promotional opportunities.



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