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Good methods to maintain bags

  • By Means Elizabeth L
  • Published 11/22/2010
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As the saying goes, Good feather makes good birds. However, it is not enough to wear the bright and beautiful dresses. Actually, you should enhance your overall quality. So if you can have appropriate and beautiful bags to match with you in different occasions. In such a case, women need to know how to maintain their bags in order to keep them in good condition. Here are some tips for maintaining your bags. 1.       You should know well about the material of your bags. Actually, the price of the bag partly is expressed in its material. The same style bag but with different material usually has different prices, so they have different ways to be maintained. Therefore, the first step is to know the material of your bags. Usually, the bags in our daily life are made of leather, suede, clothing, nylon and rare fur or leather. 

2.       Bags out of season should be kept well. Before putting them into a proper place, you should clean their surface and place some clean shredded paper or clothin

g to keep the bags¡¯ shape. Then put bags into the soft cotton bags and keep them in cabinets to avoid being crashed and deformed. 3.       The cabinets where you keep your bags should be well ventilated. For example, the cabinets with shutters without too many items. 4.       Do not expose your bags to the sun, air-conditioning or hair drier, otherwise, the bag will be spoiled. Use leather detergent to clean the surface of bags regularly. Caution not to wash them with water or expose to the chemical solvents. When keeping bags, you can put a little moisture-proof stuff. And keep your bags away from the oil substance and cosmetics because they will penetrate bags and stain them. 5.       Keep some small tools to maintain bags: white cotton gloves, eraser, socks or stockings, soft brushes, cotton swabs and so on. Please remember the above tips, otherwise, the bags will punish you and make you lose courage to go out with them.

 The author is a copywriter focusing on Replica Handbags.



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