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Good reputation in rolex watches

  • By Steven Hilbert
  • Published 06/9/2011
  • Screenplay

 Watches and Diamonds Are in Love in RolexWatches  and diamonds are always combined with each other as always. No one can  deny that they are an amazing couple to make beauty and classic.  Diamonds are well decorated in watches and the watched are more shining  with the blinking pieces. As the leader in the watch manufacturing  industry, Rolex can always make this combination perfect. Rolex deserves  the good reputation, and you deserve Rolex.    Rolex Oyster Perpetual DATEJUST178341 for Lady

31mm  of the size of the body which is made of stainless steel and rose gold  is decorated with 24 diamonds spaced at equal distance from each other  around the bezel. And the glass is the kind of sapphire crystal. On the  chocolate background, there are Roman numbers. The number 6 is beset  with jewels and it is a highlight of the design. It works well 100  meters under the water. The belt is the typical Oyster style and  easylink. Moreover, the movement is 2235auto-winder. It is a watch full  of mature and charm. One of the most classic collections is the Oyster  Perpetual. The Oyster Perpetual with diamonds is the most att

ractive and  matches your high social standing.     DATEJUST S133934mm  of the size of the body is suitable. And it is made of platinum. On the  blinking background, the Roman numbers in blue color stand out and the  bezel is beset with diamonds fully and closely. It gives a luxury image  to people. The glass is made of the hard sapphire crystal. You need not  to worry it water resistant function because it can work 100meters under  the water as well as it works on the surface. Auto-winder is also very  popular. The special Oyster style belt in consistent with the body in  color. No one can refuse its charm. It has the incredible attraction.   Outer Space Daytona 116599TBR40mm  of the size of the body is dedicated with little diamonds. The watch is  mainly made of platinum and it is fully beset with diamonds.  Especially, the bezel is closely covered by square diamonds and some of  them are blue. The movement is automatic and the belt is made of leather  and gold safety clip. The sapphire crystal glass makes it harder. This  watch is very crown-like style.  Everybody treasures time, but the Rolex treasure time and the watch. You deserve Rolex


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