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Google says “I Want Your Content”

  • By Konrad Braun
  • Published 03/25/2008
  • Article Writing

As much as you might hate it, writing is something every internet marketer has to do. Be it a sales letter, promotional emails, or even an information e-product, being a half decent writer is a requirement. Let’s face it. Eventhough a lot of writing has been replaced with great audio and fancy videos clips, having something in writing will always be key. And that is for a good number of reasons. First. Lets look at audio. Having a recorded audio message on your sales page might be great and it might even improve your conversion rates if it supports the salesletter. If on the other hand though you decide to eliminate the text and just have an audio recording, statistics will tell you that your conversion ratio will be horrible. There is a number of factors for that. Most people respond better to what they see than to what they hear. Now… combining these two can be dangerously powerful. As a matter of fact, it will sky rocket your conversion rate. In short, your audio message can not replace written text, it can only support it. Second is video. It is cool and everyone likes it. The problem with video is that the north american population is being bombarted with video clips every single day. It is still pretty powerful if used properly. Again though, if you are wanting to use video to replace a propper sales letter, it will harm your conversions ratio. When it comes down to it, video is only given so much credit.

See the fact is, most people like to see things in writing. I know I do. I might be a little old fashioned that way, but that is how I

roll. Same goes for the majority of the literate population on planet earth. How about the big google? How does google see your sales letter, your audio or video? What does google think about your website all together? To put google in to perspective, imagine your highschool english teacher for a second. She assigns you an essay as homework, saying it needs to be completed by the next day. The next day comes and everyone hands in their work. Except for one guy who decided to be creative. Instead of a written piece of paper, he hands in a DVD with a beautiful cover, saying: “I am better with acting than with writing.” Another guy comes forward and gives the teacher a CD saying: “I turned my essay in to a song.” These two kids both got a zero and they ended up failing that class. Why? Because the refused to stick to the set rules and guidelines. The teacher demanded an essay in writing, and since she does not have a CD or DVD player, both of these kids failed miserably. To cut to the point, I just described Google. Google does not care about how convincing the audio or video on your site is. It always looks for content to read, mark, and memorize. When it comes to getting a good ranking on the big “G”, content is key. Having said that, you by no means have to write all of the content yourself. Find an article site (preferrably one of newer ones) and use their articles. You will usually get asked to leave the signature box untouched, which, when you think about it, is a small price to pay considering you do not have to write the article yourself!

Creating content pages is that easy and when you see google smiling at you, you realize it was well worth it!



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