Google SEO Tips for 2009

Google is changing its algorithms in 2009. Past browsing and search history will play a big part in each users search result. This is going to be a positive thing whether you are a webmaster or web surfer. This makes things very tricky for those of us who work hard on search engine optimization. Ranking
number one won’t be possible all the time.

Google as well as other search engines will be looking at cookies and IP addresses to target marketing to you. It will be interesting to see what effect on search results occurs when cookies are deleted before searching. They are also going to be looking at other surfers IP and cookies who visit your page or have links to it. So deleting won’t have an effect in where you show up in search result.

One of the things they will be implementing is that search results will also include Flash. This solves a big problem for many of us who use Flash and then have to duplicate some of the text on the page in order to rank on the search engines for that content. Many webmasters are going to appreciate this new feature.

The key to page rank in 2009 is regularly updated, unique content. This has already been the case, but it will be even more important when they make the system go live. Duplicate content will definitely give you a lower page rank, if you are removed from the search engine completely. If you are doing the web page yourself, schedule a time for posting new content to keep on top in search results. This will also help remove those static sales page, who has figured out all off the SEO terms for his product put the page never gets any new information.

Audio and video will now be able to factor in on search rankings. Producing and posting regular YouTube videos often on your web page will be a very successful strategy to keep your page rank on top. Google is also saying that it won’t matter which file format the video is in. No word on the audio file formats that they will accept, but there is a good chance that all file formats will affect the results, like with the video.

While it seems that the new algorithms is bad news, it is actually good for you if you sell a book or service on your page. The changes will help you get more targeted traffic and likewise more sales. Conversion of visitors to sales will be focus of web page builders. This means creating content about things related to your product or service will help you get visitors. Building a buzz will be important. Loyal visitors visiting your page will improve your ranking.

Webmasters who do not understand or like to concentrate on SEO writing will like the new changes. Keywords will still be important but calculating keyword density will not have to be done after the changes take place.

Web pages that we visit through the search engines will also improve because of the need to have newly updated content. we also won’t have to click from page to page that has the same content posted on it.


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