Government Grants for Alternative Energy


Authored by Jenny Mango in Energy
Published on 02-13-2009

If you are thinking about going green and using alternative energy sources in your home, you may be worried about the expense of purchasing solar equipment and other alternative energy supplies. This equipment can be expensive, but it can also help to reduce your carbon footprint and reduce your monthly energy bills over time. If you’re concerned about the expenses of switching to alternative energy, you should look into getting government grants for alternative energy. This can be a great way to receive financial credit for going green and helping to use fewer natural resources.

Availability of Government Grants for Alternative Energy

There are as many as 1600 programs available for providing grants for those who use alternative energy sources. There are a few basic requirements you need to fulfill in order to qualify for these grants. You must be over 18 years of age and have American citizenship. You must also pay taxes in order to receive these grants or credits. These are very basic requirements and are easy to meet if you are a tax-paying adult. Meeting these requirements makes you eligible for a wide range of government grant and credit programs.

Types of Government Grants for Alternative Energy

There are several types of government grants for alternative energy. Energy conservation grants are funds that do not have to be paid back as long as you follow the requirements of the grant program. These grants allow people to spend money to conserve energy by using alternative energy sources. Tax credits are another type of program available for those who use alternative energy. Depending on the government program you join, you may be reimbursed for your alternative energy expenses or you may have your expenses subsidized.

Getting Government Grants for Alternative Energy

Getting these grants can be a lengthy process, especially if a program has an extensive application to fill out. You may be asked to provide information on how you will use the grant as well as ask for a specific amount of money. The amount you ask for may have to be backed up with receipts or estimates for your expenses associated with buying alternative energy equipment and using it to conserve natural resources. Once you have filled out the required applications, you may have to wait anywhere from several weeks to several months to receive the funds. Depending on the terms of the program, you may not have to pay them back or you may have a certain time period in which to repay them.

Using Government Grants for Alternative Energy

Once you have the grant money in your hands, you must be careful to use it exactly as outlined in the program guidelines. Many programs have specific requirements for how you must use the money, so you can’t spend it on anything you want. Whenever you purchase alternative energy supplies, save the receipts so you have proof of how the grant funds were spent. You may asked to submit these receipts to a grant administrator on a regular basis.


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