Government Grants for Women

Here are a few steps on how to get a government grant for women for a small business:

Search for Small Business Association websites

Get online and browse for SBA sites. List down small business opportunities and make a list. Also look for what grants are available. Take your time. Search for grants open to woman. The beauty about receiving a grant is you don’t have to pay it back. However, these grants take time to get approved and they are limited to applicants with specific qualifications like small businesses for women and for the disabled. Try looking up for womensfinance.com.

Visit a Small Business Association center

Set a time on your schedule to visit an SBA center. Make friends with the personnel and ask for free advice on how to increase the likelihood of receiving a grant. Take a pad with you and just scribble down their ideas which you think can help you.

Determine your finances

Assess your finances. How are you doing? How’s your credit history? If they are not good, maybe applying for a grant to fund your business is a good idea. Calculate how much money you need. Make a rough estimate how much funding your business needs. Don’t just pick out a number that appeals to you, you have to be able to justify that amount. Base it from your business plan. Get assistance from an accountant if you are unsure of how to project your initial business startup cost.

Consult with a lawyer

Find a respected lawyer who has experience in the inner workings of getting grants approved. Make sure he is familiar with the application process. Get advice on which documents are submitted together with the application. Ask for a time table of the event process.

Prepare a detail business plan

Write a solid business plan. Describe the purpose of your company and the service it provides. Make a rough list of what you want to include in your plan. First, you may want to begin by making mission-vision statement. What does your business stand for? Then you might want to elaborate on your organizational business structure. Who are part of your staff, what divisions do you have in your business, and who else are part of the leadership team? Then describe your product and the service you intend to give. Try asking a business lawyer to assist you in developing a well thought of plan which will cover every detail.

Get a hold of an application

After you have created a solid business plan, get a copy of an application. Read the application paper well including the specialized provisions. Fill out the form and submit relevant information. Submit it timely and be patient for the results. Follow up your grant request.

Have a back up plan

Sometimes granted applications for small businesses for women receive only a portion of what was originally petitioned. Don’t get depressed but be prepared for it. Any grant given whether partial or full can be used to grow a starting business. You just need to readjust your original plan but that doesn’t mean you have to change your business goal. You just need to be more flexible.


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