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Graph paper notebook reviews


A few weeks back I mentioned that this Roaring Spring Engineer Calculation Pad (via Amazon) was on sale for a really good price so I picked it up although I have no real personal use for it.  I figured that based on the number of scientists that I know read the blog, I should check it out in terms of the quality, so here it is today, although unfortunately the great price is no longer in play. … [Read more…]


So in addition to all of the cool pen cases that Brad from the Pen Addict has been selling over at his newly founded Nock.Co he also has some pretty nice and unique 3×5″ dot dash note cards that I picked up a few weeks ago.  I’ve been using them and enjoying them for a while now so I figured it was time to share them here already.  As you can see from the above photo they have a pretty cool dot and dash grid pattern.  I’m not sure if this reminds me more … [Read more…]


We have never reviewed loose leaf refill paper before, mostly because its usually such a generic item without any special features.  In this case though, the Staples Reinforced Filler Paper with Graph Ruling and 3 Hole Punches (via Staples, obviously) has a pretty cool feature that sets it apart from most loose leaf refill paper.  Oh and on top of this, we have also had requests for more reviews of graph paper, so for those that have asked hopefully this … [Read more…]


Sometimes lots of random searching through Amazon will turn up a great product, and in this case that product would be the Post-it Graph Paper Sticky Note Pads pictured above.  I never really gave thought to graph paper sticky notes but was very happily surprised to see that they exist. … [Read more…]


  Back in May at the National Stationery Show, I got to visit with my friends from Whitelines who showed me some of their new products.  One of them was this Whitelines Slim Squared Notebook. … [Read more…]


The Behance dot grid is an alternative to the standard graph paper notebook because it aims to reduce the background noise of traditional graph paper by using subtle light gray dots instead of solid darker lines.  I know that other notebook manufacturers have come out with similar items lately, and I’ll be sure to review those as well, however I’ve had this one sitting around long enough and I wanted to share it with you already.  It seems like these are … [Read more…]

Last updated by Brian Greene at April 20, 2016.


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