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Graphic design magazines are a must-have for graphic designers and graphic design students. This is because graphic design magazines enable graphic design professionals and graphic design students to keep up with the current trends on graphic design, learn about the latest or upcoming graphic design technology, and find out about new graphic design opportunities. Aside from these, graphic design magazines inform graphic design students about graphic design scholarships and competitions.

HOW Magazine

HOW Magazine is one of the best graphic design magazines. It provides graphic designers with information about graphic design technology, graphic design freelancing, and graphic design career opportunities. This magazine is also useful for graphic design students as it features graphic design career opportunities, graphic design schools, and events related to graphic design. Interestingly, this magazine not only tackles the how but also the why of graphic design.

Graphic Design USA

This fabulous graphic design magazine keeps graphic designers up-to-date with information about the latest in graphic design industry and graphic design technology. This magazine also provides graphic design students with resources and information on graphic design scholarships and competitions. Graphic Design USA also has an online version. You can avail of the graphic design online newsletter that can be mailed to your inbox weekly and other free graphic design stuff.

Print Magazine

This is another great graphic design magazine that is geared more towards the creative side of graphic design. Professional and student graphic design contests make this magazine a must-have for graphic design students and beginners. Print Magazine also has its online version that features graphic design forums, free graphic design newsletter, and other graphic design stuff for free.


DT&G stands for Design, Type and Graphics. This graphic design magazine is only available online. However, you have the option to either read it on their website or subscribe to the text-only version that can be emailed to you on the first of every month. This online graphic design magazine provides you with industry news, information on graphic design technology, and other features on graphic design. Aside from these, it also offers reviews about graphic design software, graphic design books, and other graphic design resources. This online magazine tackles almost anything that is related to graphic design.

Either in print or on the Internet, there are many graphic design magazines and graphic design resources that you can take advantage of. It is recommended that graphic designers as well as graphic design students who are serious about the industry should subscribe to at least one graphic design magazine or other industry publications. This enables them to keep up with the current trends and latest information in graphic design.

For more information on graphic design magazines, other publications, and resources, you can always search on the Internet. You should take advantage of the vast information on graphic design available to increase your skills and marketability to clients.


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