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Great British Bake Off winner, James: I’d like to be a Doctor

  • By Diana Ascher
  • Published 02/1/2013

He is the mild-mannered medical student who became an unlikely sex symbol after appearing on The Great British Bake Off and wowing the judges with his masterful Victoria sponge cake.

Now, James Morton, who was runner-up in the hit BBC show, is one of the country’s best-known bakers.

As well as book and TV deals, the softly spoken 21-year-old has also been offered jobs as a chocolate taster for organic brand Green & Blacks and a biscuit consultant. Next week James, who studies in Glasgow but is from Hillswick in the Shetland Islands, reveals his favourite recipes exclusively for Sunday Mail readers.

The talented baker, whose enthusiasm for Fair Isle tank-tops became a TV trademark, said: “It’s been a whirlwind few months since the show aired and I’ve been enjoying every minute.

“I’ve been offered some amazing jobs, including the role of a biscuit consultant for one of the UK’s top brands and a chocolate tester for Green & Blacks.

“I would have jumped at both if I had the time to spare but, at the moment, my medical career comes first. Medicine will always be my first passion and baking my second.”

As well as studying for his exams, James – who is in his third year at Glasgow University – is busy writing a book on bread, due out in August.

The gifted breadmaker, who is dating fellow medical student Fenella Barlow-Pay, said: “If I am not cramming for exams, I am locked away in my room writing out recipes for my book on multinational bread. I’m driving my girlfriend crazy. The book is due out in August and has required a lot of research as some of the breads are quite exotic.

“I’ve also included a lot of the classics. I am a bread fiend and want to dispel the myth that working with dough is difficult.

“If I can encourage Britain to get back on the bread-baking bandwagon, I will be delighted. I try to make bread every day and, if I don’t manage for a few days, my hands start to itch.”

About the Author : Diana Ascher is writing about Victoria sponge cake



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