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Great Deals on an Engineering Notebook and Some Pens


I was doing some shopping and research looking for some new products to review and I came across two great, but possibly time sensitive deals that I wanted to share today before they go away.  I’ve never used either of them, so I can’t really endorse them, but at these prices they are certainly worth a try but they are also add on items at Amazon.


Based on some of the feedback and conversations I’ve had with all of the great site readers we have here, I’ve gathered that a good handful of you are in the science and engineering field, so I happened across this Roaring Spring Engineering Pad (via Amazon) which will normally set you back about $10 – $14 is only $4.99 for a savings of $5-$9, not bad.


Although I said I never used either of these products, thats a little bit of a lie.  On the BIC Z4 I’ve used them before, quite a long time ago and in a different body style.  These tend to hover between $5-$9 but as of this writing, they are only $1.99 (via Amazon), which again isn’t too shabby if you want to roll the dice.

As I said, I’ve grabbed both of these for myself to do reviews eventually, but since I can’t promise that you will be able to get them for these prices by the time I review them, I wanted to share them today.

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