Great Gifts for Your Secretary

When you want to give your secretary a “thank you” gift whether for Christmas, her birthday, Administrative Professionals Day, or any other occasion, there are many interesting and unusual presents that she will appreciate. You want her to know that you have put some time into thinking about that gift and have arrived at something that will please her.

There are the usual flowers, but instead of cut blooms that will die within a few days, choose a flowering plant that she can keep alive and on her desk.

Consider instead (for variety’s sake) a small fruit basket, or a cookie or candy selection (if she isn’t on a diet), or cheese and crackers on a cutting board wrapped into a gift, gourmet coffee or tea, or any number of such food selections. Something to eat is always a nice surprise!

For on top of her desk there is a large variety of choices: an executive planner, a pretty picture frame that she can fill with photos of her family or pets, an exquisite pen engraved with her name, a tiered holder for her mail, an unusual or logoed-sport team mug or cup and saucer set for her coffee or other drinks, etc.

An attache case or bound portfolio to carry important files will make her feel that she is special. A wallet with many compartments along with a business card holder, both engraved with her name or initials, will create a professional look when she is speaking to customers or clients.

Always enjoyed are tickets to coming sports games or shows with her favorite entertainers, local theater plays, holiday events, and more.

If she enjoys going to a spa, time there or at her favorite beauty shop would be a fine gift. Most women would love to be pampered that way, and you would have the benefit of how extra nice she will look in the office afterwards.

Is she a reader? A gift certificate at a local book store might be just the answer for her to pick out books or magazines that she would really like to read. Another time a gift certificate at one of the department stores allows her to choose her own gift, and many women actually prefer that.

What restaurants does she like to patronize? A gift certificate for a meal there with a spouse or special friend would be treasured because we all like a nice meal out but often don’t have the extra money for that enjoyment.

What hobbies does she have? Something to add to her angel or butterfly or doll or other collection would make her happy.

Does she like to cook in her spare time? There are endless possibilities for kitchen gadgets, small appliances, cooking products from her favorite chefs, cookbooks, a gift certificate to a high-end supermarket, etc.

Along with cooking comes entertaining friends, so chip and dip bowls, appetizer dish sets, deviled egg and other platters, and a variety of drinking glasses can go along with a bottle of her favorite wine or cordial.


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