Great Travel Gift Ideas

Great travel gift ideas are sometimes the hardest to think up. You might be an old hand at picking out a birthday, holiday, or even wedding gift, but when it comes to the traveler on your gift list, you are likely stumped. It should be useful, but not get used up quickly; it needs to make it through airport security without setting off alarms everywhere; finally, it should not be overly expensive, since it is possible for luggage to get lost or items to get stolen. Fortunately, there are easy answers to all of these dilemmas.

Great Travel Gift Ideas for the Frequent Leisure Traveler

Purchase a travel journal and pen. Personalize the items with an added engraved initial or full name, and make it a multi purpose tool by including time zone charts, currency converters, and also a calculator and tip percentage estimator. This makes it possible for the frequent leisure traveler to jot down some thoughts and impressions of train depots, airports, or while waiting for a connecting bus. If this traveler enjoys writing postcards, include a little zippered insert that may contain cards and stamps for quick mailings from anywhere in the world.

Magnetic Travel Games for Younger Travelers

When it comes to great travel gift ideas for youngsters, magnetic versions of their favorite board games are a great choice. Whether you pick dominoes, backgammon, chess or checkers, these toys help while the time away without letting a sudden stop or turbulence cause an end to a competitive game of King’s Gambit. This will also ingratiate you to parents, who most likely do not want to have their kids playing electronic games the entire time they are away from home.

Language Phrase Books are Great Travel Gift Ideas for Foreign Country Travelers

Allow the international traveler to hone his or her language skills with a phrase book, which actually contains useful phrases that are needed on a daily basis. The best phrase books contain information about currency, customs, social faux pas to avoid, and also a guide to country specific good manners. This book may truly serve to greatly enhance the enjoyment the traveler might glean from the adventure.

Security Products Also Make for Great Gifts

Secure money belts, waterproof pouches for passports and travelers’ checks, and lockable traveling bags are great travel gift ideas as well. These functional items serve much needed purposes and protect the valuables of your traveler, whether they travel across town or across the world. If frequent airline travel is part of the experience, educate yourself about the size restrictions with respect to luggage before purchasing a bag or set.

When All Else Fails…

If none of these travel gifts are likely to put a smile on your traveler’s face, there are two surefire means of turning a frown upside down. Purchase a small foldable photo frame and include a family picture on the one side, and slip some currency on the other. Green never goes out of style and especially younger travelers could always use a little reminder of the loving friends and family at home – as it comes seasoned with a much needed cash infusion.


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