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Greatest PR Stunts of all Time

Best Job in the World

 ‘The best job in the world’ created by a London PR agency is widely regarded as the greatest PR stunt of all time. The objective of the PR campaign was to generate interest and boost tourism in Queensland. The post was advertised as “Island Caretaker” on an island in the Great Barrier Reef whose duties included feeding the fish, cleaning the pool and regularly blogging on life in Queensland. This £70,000 position involved applying by creating a 60 second video explaining why the candidate thought they should get the job. The effectiveness of this PR campaign was incredible; Queensland Tourism Board recorded a huge surge in tourism revenue after mass media attention both online and offline.

 Gail Porter – FHM

 Despite this consumer PR stunt taking place over a decade ago, it is still often talked about and referenced to this day. In 1999, a naked image of television presenter Gail Porter was projected on the side of The Palace of Westminster to publicise FHM magazine. The audacious stunt promoted FHM’s ‘world’s 100 sexiest women’ poll. It also turned out to be a fantastic celebrity PR move for Gail Porter as the stunt propelled her own career.

 National Rail Museum – Director of Fun

 Upon the retirement of the National Rail Museums director Andrew Scott, a 6 year-old train enthusiast named Sam Pointon wrote an application letter to be become Scott’s replacement. The letter read, “I have an electric train track. I am good on my train track. I can control two trains at once.”  The child’s letter made a big impression on the departing director who consequently took full advantage of letter and appointed the train-mad youngster Director of Fun. This materialised to be a superb move and a fantastic example of generating a huge amount of positive publicity for little money and success for the museum and their PR consultancy.  



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