Green Bridal Shower Ideas


Authored by Jaipi Sixbear in Environment
Published on 12-17-2009

Women of the millennium often adopt eco-friendly habits as part of their everyday lives. Why not throw a green bridal shower to further the efforts of that environmentally conscious friend? Get her marriage off to the right start by throwing a celebration reflecting her earth loving values. A green bridal shower means not only being less wasteful at the party, but giving green gifts as well. Why not give a green bridal shower with gifts to fit the theme?

Plates and Silverware

Just say no to disposable paper and plastic party ware. Using the real thing lends an elegant touch to the green bridal shower. Here’s a fun idea. The hostess buys a nice but inexpensive set of silverware and plates for the green bridal shower. Once they go through the water saving dishwasher, the bride keeps them as her green wedding gift. Choose a neutral color like white that can be used for the shower and the bridal gift.

Drink Ware and Serving Dishes

The same principle as above can be used for glass ware and serving dishes. Choose another green bridal shower party guest to purchase these items. Anything you use at the party can be given as gifts by party guests. The green bride to be will appreciate your environmentally friendly efforts. Don’t forget to buy cloth napkins as well. Choose wedding colors for the napkins. That way you know your go green gift will be in a color the bride to be likes.

The Food

The green bridal shower hostess should be aware of the food she serves. Choose organic produce to keep pesticides and chemical fertilizers out of the soil and water supply. Buying locally saves pollution from transporting goods. If you are serving meat products, be sure they come from a farm that uses humane practices and does not inject hormones and low dose antibiotics into their animals. If the bride has a special green diet, the bridal shower should reflect her feelings.


The invitations for a green bridal shower should be on recycled paper. Invitations can also be printed on re-usable refrigerator magnets. Or, use small note cards attached to a party favor bag filled with fancy candy. The bag can be re-used as a potpourri sachet. Better yet, send electronic invitations. This could be done by e-mail or cell phone text. For those that are not technologically advanced, just give them a call. Why waste paper sending formal invitations only to have them thrown away?


Use environmentally friendly props and prizes for the green bridal shower games. Try old fashioned games like egg or sack races for a new twist. Green bridal shower guests will love playing these old fashioned games that don’t reek havoc on the environment. Treasure hunts are fun too and only require one note per station on recycled paper. Green bridal shower party guests will find these games sweet, charming and eco-friendly.

Throw a green bridal shower for the environmentally conscious bride to be in your life. Give gifts of plates, silverware, glass ware and napkins that can be re-used after the party. Serve cruelty free organic locally grown food. Send invitations electronically or have them printed on recycled paper. Play party games with re-usable props and green prizes. Your green bridal shower will be remembered as the event of the year.


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