Green Ecofriendly Business Tips

If you are in business, you could be using a lot of materials and other resources to run your business. It is time you stopped to consider whether you can do your bit to help the environment by reducing your use of such resources or replacing them with eco-friendly ones. Doing this consistently could enhance your own reputation as a responsible business and if you feel that you are really doing your bit for the environment it will not come amiss if you let this be known to your customers and competitors, as this can only enhance your reputation.

See that the equipment in your offices is only switched on when needed. Keeping those computers and room air conditioners on when you are in the room only for a part of the time is a huge waste. So switch them off if you are going to be away from your desk for a period of time. Switch off all equipment that is not in use and do not leave it running. The time for this equipment to get warmed up again is usually very small and will not really make any difference to the time when you require it again.

Insist that all communications in your office and out of it is done by E-mail, and printouts are taken only of those letters or mails that are legally required. Otherwise let them remain on your computer. You could save a lot of paper this way. Use a fax modem so that no copies are required to be made of fax messages sent and these are retained on the computer. When you do print, use both sides of the paper and reduce your usage of paper. And if the there are misprints or a need to reprint certain documents use the paper that has been misprinted for scratch paper.

See that the plumbing in your office s are always well maintained and there are no leaking taps. Reduce the volume of water used in flushing by putting in plastic containers filled with stones to reduce the volume of water used during flushing.

Use paper that is recycled, especially in the case of where you need it for packaging. See that the bubble wrap used is biodegradable. Refillable pens and markers are more eco-friendly than disposable ones. Reuse cartons that you have received. Recycle all printer cartridges at least two or three times. See if you can use biodegradable soaps, cloth towels and cleaners for the office. Reuse file folders and manila envelopes.

Reduce the use of drapes and curtains. This will save you costs and also let in more light into the office and reduce light bills. Blinds can be installed where occasional privacy is a matter of concern.

Instill this need to be green or eco friendly among all the staff under you. A good way of doing this is to make one person responsible for all recycling and green matters. Rotate this responsibility so that everyone feels responsible and becomes part of your drive to make your business an eco-friendly one.


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