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Green Fountain Pen Ink Reviews


  I’ve had this bottle of Diamine Magical Forest Green Shimmering ink for a while now, but didn’t have a fountain pen with a wide enough nib to properly show it off.  I finally unearthed an old Sheaffer 1.0 mm stub nib and was able to test it out with this great looking ink that I picked up here from JetPens as part of their advertising sponsorship with us. … [Read more…]


Today we are taking a look at Pelikan Edelstein Aquamarine – 2016 Ink of the year that I picked up from our friends at Goldspot, you can find it here on the Goldspot website.  Although I didn’t bother asking for any sort of blogger discount I am obligated to point out that Goldspot is a sponsor of our website here, but that in no way shape or form impacts the review of this product.  As many of you reading the site probably know I pretty much love all of … [Read more…]


Back when I went to the DC Pen Show, I was lucky enough to stop at the Bungbox table and pick up some of their awesome Sailor Jentile Dandyism (via the Bungbox site) not to be confused with @Dowdyism. … [Read more…]


If you liked the previous version of 1670 Anniversary ink from J. Herbin, which was Stormy Grey, we have a review for another great ink in that series for you today.  The newest ink in that series is J. Herbin Emerald of Chivor (via JetPens) which is a great shade of blue green with tiny gold flecks to give it a bit of a shimmering look to it.  You might want to jump on that link to JetPens immediately and grab some because at the time of writing this … [Read more…]


  A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending the DC Pen Show, which is technically in VA, not really DC and one of the interesting products I was able to get my hands on was this KWZ Iron Gall Green Gold ink from Vanness Pens.  Apologies for the not ideal photography, but I’ve got a new photo setup that I’m still trying to get the hang of. … [Read more…]


I’ve noticed that I tend to stick mostly with Pelikan Edelstein and Noodler’s fountain pen inks lately, so I wanted to branch out and try a brand I have yet to use.  When I saw this Diamine Green Black fountain pen ink (via JetPens) I figured that was a good place to start because it is a color that is sometimes borderline work friendly although pushing the line slightly and it came in a mid-size 30ml bottle so it wasn’t too big of a commitment for my … [Read more…]


This box of Caran d’Ache Chromatics Delicate Green was part of an impulse purchase a few weeks ago triggered by an email newsletter from the good folks at Goulet Pens.  For the record there was no discount or special considerations for my purchase of this product for review here.  Just a whim on a fancy looking bottle of ink from a well known online fountain pen shop with a great reputation. … [Read more…]


The Organics Studio line of fountain pen inks was new to me a few weeks ago when I saw it on the Goulet Pens website, and with such interesting names I decided to grab a few bottles.  The first ink we will take a look at is from their “Masters of Writing” series of fountain pen inks.  The Walt Whitman Leaves of Grass ink is very earthy looking in that it has a grayish-brownish-blackish ink with noticeable green highlights. … [Read more…]


  Noodler’s Bad Green Gator fountain pen ink is an advanced version of their popular bulletproof inks that are designed to resist tampering.  Bad Green Gator is part of their Warden Series which is designed to stay a step ahead of forgers by being resistant to water, solvents, UV light, detergents, and even some unnamed technologies.  The reason for not naming them all, I assume is to keep forgers and miscreants in the dark. … [Read more…]


Back in October when I went to the Goldspot Trunk Show, I saw the new Pelikan Edelstein Ink for the first time in person, and I heard good things about it so I figured I would pick some up.  I decided to grab the Aventurine Green, which is a really nice Jade green color.  I like the little added touch on the right hand side of the box above where you see the semi elliptical shape that is somewhat indented on the corner of the box that indicates the ink … [Read more…]


J. Herbin Lierre Sauvage is a really nice shade of green fountain pen ink (almost like grass green) that was sent to me compliments of the fine folks from Exaclair, through a giveaway they did on the Quo Vadis Blog.  I’ve used J. Herbin Fountain Pen Inks pretty frequently and they always perform well, and the Lierre Sauvage is no exception. … [Read more…]


Personally I think that using a fountain pen sets you apart from the crowd, and makes for a good conversation starter when surrounded by people who dont typically notice cool office supplies.  In addition to having a nice fountain pen to use, its even nicer to have that fountain pen loaded up with a good looking ink.  Today I wanted to share a review of some Noodlers Forest Green fountain pen ink. … [Read more…]


Since I started this office supply review blog I became fascinated and addicted to blue black inks, and it has now also led me to become fascinated with green black inks.  This review will take a look at the Private Reserve Ebony Green ink that I picked up from Goldspot, who carries a ton of Private Reserve inks here, in addition to their other ink and pen selections.  As I always try to point out when it applies, Goldspot did give me a small discount on … [Read more…]


As I mentioned when I did the review on the J. Herbin Orange Indien Fountain Pen Ink Review, the Quo Vadis Blog offered up free samples of this ink to bloggers to review.  I am really glad that they made this offer because it has opened my eyes to colors outside of the “traditional” business standards in the blue and black families.  The J. Herbin inks are sold in 30 ml bottles and can usually be found for anywhere from $7.20 to $9.00 plus any applicable … [Read more…]

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