Green Gift Ideas

Living an eco-friendly lifestyle is very popular right now. Lots of people are making little changes to their daily routine as they become more conscious of their impact on the environment. More people are using reusable canvas bags instead of plastic bags at the grocery store, and more people are trying to reduce their carbon footprint.

As people begin to embrace an eco-friendly lifestyle, they become appreciative of gifts that reflect their passion for the environment. If you are looking for a great gift idea for someone who is embracing an eco-friendly lifestyle, here are a few great ideas.

Buy recycled gifts– There are lots of unique gifts on the market made from recycled or salvaged materials. You can find coasters made from discarded circuit boards, or wall clocks made from old vinyl records, license plates that have been formed into lunch boxes, seatbelts that have been turned into fashionable belts, and many more interesting items on the internet or in stores in your area. Other common recycled items include clothing, handbags, or metal jewelry.

Buy handmade, buy local– Whether you are shopping at a website like Etsy or at a local business in your area, handmade goods often have a lower carbon footprint, because they aren’t shipped en masse across the country by truck. Visit a craft fair or farmer’s market in your area, where you can find handmade jewelry, fabric goods, yarns, soaps, and even wine. Chances are good that if you are at a farmer’s market, you will be supporting businesses with a lower carbon footprint that a megamart, and you will most likely be buying all-natural or organic products. You could make a gift basket of organic produce, wine, cheeses, and breads to give your friend.

Give an unconventional gift, like a donation– Most eco-conscious people are passionate about the environment, human rights, or the humane treatment of animals. Give a donation in their name to an organization like the World Wildlife Fund or PETA. Give them a gift certificate to an organization like Kiva, which fosters small business growth for people in developing nations. Give them a tree to plant, or take them kayaking. Even chocolate can be a great gift. Endangered Species Chocolates offer a Chocolate of the Month program. Your recipient will receive an assortment of chocolates each month, and a portion of the proceeds go to rainforest preservation and endangered species awareness.

Look for clever ways to wrap your gift– Wrapping paper is incredibly wasteful, and the person receiving your eco-friendly gift will be happy if it comes wrapped in recycled paper. Even better, to reduce paper waste and save trees, opt for a non-traditional wrapper for your gift. Present your gift nestled inside another gift, like a canvas bag, lunch box, or purse. Wrap your gift in the funny pages from your local paper, or find a great decorative box at a second hand store.


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