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Green Military Log Book

With today being Veteran’s Day I thought it would be an appropriate time to share a review of this Green Military Log Book (via Amazon) that I picked up a few weeks ago.  I was initially unaware of these notebooks but because I was shopping for the Skillcraft pens that I recently reviewed, the Green Military Log Book came up as a an item related to that purchase because of the government and military association of both of those products

The cover of the Green Military Log Book is cardboard backed and wrapped in a green paper-like material.  The front of the cover is stamped with the text “7530-00-222-3521 FEDERAL SUPPLY SERVICE (GPO)” in plain black font.  As you can see from this picture the cover is pretty prone to picking up dirt even from fairly light use.

The back cover of the Green Military Log Book has a UPC bar code and “7530-00-222-3521” printed on it, but also came with a UPC sticker stuck on the back.  The sticker normally wouldn’t bother me too much if it were easily removed with no issues, but lets take a look at the next picture.

After removing the sticker from the back cover I realized I was in a no win situation.  The sticker left adhesive residue on the surface of the cover which will eventually pick up filth and it also had a second UPC code under it to clutter up the back cover even more.  Between the way that this notebook attracts dirt and filth plus the clutter of all the printing on the back of the notebook, this definitely isn’t the best option for someone that likes a more minimalist style to their notebooks.  Also, its worth pointing out that a few reviewers elsewhere mentioned that they remember their actual military use versions of these log books had more of a canvas type cover instead of the paper based ones which would probably make them more durable.

Green Military Log Book Writing Samples:

After being disappointed with the outside cover of the Green Military Log Book I had set pretty low expectations for actually writing in it.  The pens I tested all wrote fairly nicely on the paper in these notebooks (including one fountain pen) and there was only a tiny bit of feathering which was seen with the Uniball Air Rollerball (review here).

The back of the page in my Green Military Log Book writing sample showed some disappointing results.  All of the pens tested showed at least a minimal amount of show-through on the back of the page with the Uniball Air and Medium Point Sharpie Pen being the worst by far.  Overall the Green Military Log Book (via Amazon) is probably best left on the shelf of your local office supply store or in the storage bins at Amazon, unless you are one of our great service men or women who have nostalgic feelings for these and just want to grab one for the memories.  Maybe the best thing to do with any extra cash today is to donate to a charity that supports our veterans anyway, check out this list from CharityNavigator if you do though so you can make sure your money is going to be well spent.

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