Green Tea For Weight Loss


Authored by Rodney Southern in Weight Issues 
Published on 11-22-2008

For years the weight loss green tea connection has been all over the news and infomercials, and for years it was ignored by most of the weight loss advisors as a real benefit. As of late, however, the weight loss green tea connection has gained favor with everyone and with good reason. Losing weight is a tough obstacle, and anything out there that can help without harming your health is a great option. Green tea is wonderful in this way.

Relationship between Green Tea and Weight Loss

Weight Loss is all about thermogenesis. This is how fast you burn your calories. The green tea contains catechin polyphenols that speed up this natural body phenomenon. Fat oxidation is better with green tea, and the calories are burned quicker. Green tea is not going to be the miracle cure to your overeating. If you splurge, Green tea will not solve the problem completely.

Another great weight loss benefit of green tea is the way that it affects glucose. Green tea slows down blood sugar after you eat, which in turn helps with fat storage. Green tea also helps slow down appetite. The appetite is one of the major drivers of weight gain in over eating, and anything that helps suppress it is a good thing.

Using the Weight Loss–Green Tea Connection To Your Advantage

The connection is clear, but how to actually get the most out of it is not. Experts differ over the amount of green tea one should consume. The general consensus is that any amount will be beneficial. The connection between weight loss and green tea can be felt strongest by what it can replace. Caffeine is one of the major driving forces of weight gain. Soft drinks, coffee, and other liquids are loaded with calories and harmful products. If you substitute green tea for these various problem liquids, that will be a great start. Add in the other benefits of green tea, and you will have a very good head start on any weight loss campaign.

As with any supplement or major change in your consumption habits, you should talk to your doctor before beginning a green tea regimen. Green tea does have certain bad ingredients such as caffeine that can be harmful to some people. If you are uncertain about taking green tea, then you should certainly check with your doctor first. The connection between weight loss and green tea is absolutely legitimate, and it can help you lose weight faster. The key is to take away the bad things and substitute the green tea. If you continue to eat and drink as always, the benefits of green tea will not be as obvious. Green tea is not a magic pill to take away fat. It is a tool.


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