Green Tips for College Students


Authored by Darlene Zagata in Environment
Published on 07-28-2009

Concern for the environment has prompted more people to go green. Everyone can find ways to do their part by going green whether it’s at work, at home or away at college. Green living not only helps the environment but it also helps you to save money and create a healthier environment.

Add some greenery. Buying a plant or two is a great addition to the décor of any room, even a dorm room. Not only are plants pleasant to look at, they absorb indoor pollution, clean the air and replenish oxygen. Plants are natural air fresheners and they help you to breathe better by keeping the air fresh and clean.

Recycle, recycle, recycle. It can’t be said often enough. Just about everything can be recycled and by doing so, you help prevent waste and save money in the process. Before you throw it away, ask yourself if you can find another use for it. Tins, jars, boxes and other containers might come in handy for storage. Give clothing items a new life by trading them with friends. Turn old tee shirts into cleaning cloths. Recycle cans, bottles, newspapers and other items. Check into recycling programs both on and off campus or consider starting one yourself.

Save energy by shutting off your computer or putting it in sleep mode when you’re not using it. Turn off lights and other items when not in use. Switch to energy efficient fluorescent light bulbs. They may be more expensive to purchase but they last longer and save energy in the long run. Cut down on paper usage and save trees. Go paperless whenever possible. Print out documents only when absolutely necessary. Use scraps of paper and don’t forget to use the back of a sheet of paper when possible.

Conservation is a big part of going green so learn to conserve energy and resources whenever possible. Cut back on water waste by spending less time in the shower. Carpool with friends to save on gas. Walk or ride a bike instead of driving. Walking and bicycling saves energy and are great ways to stay in shape. Save money by renting textbooks if possible. If you have to buy, purchase used books when available.

Cell phones have become an integral part of life and whenever you upgrade to a newer model, recycle your old phone. In fact, get your friends and family members to recycle their cell phones too.

Become an eco-friendly shopper. Buy organic food whenever possible. Cut down on take out waste. Disposable plates and cups just add to the waste. Use reusable eating utensils. Instead of purchasing bottled water, use a refillable bottle instead. Do the same with coffee or other beverages. Purchase an insulated mug that can be refilled rather than grabbing those take out cups all the time. You’re not only conserving resources and preventing waste but saving money as well.

Once you start becoming more eco-conscious you’ll think of lots of creative ways to reuse items and save money. You can go green in every aspect of your life.


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