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Greeting Cards: Past And Present

  • By Johnathon F Black
  • Published 08/8/2012
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Greeting cards are more than just pieces of hand painted or printed papers. Exchanging greeting cards have become an essential part of many people’s lives. It is considered as an effective tool for communication to express different feelings and intentions to a person. Even with the advent of modern communication technologies, the practice of sending greeting cards never stopped especially during Christmas season. Perhaps this is because of the simplicity and the feeling of receiving a cards on a special occasion is still quite overwhelming. Greeting cards are designed with a wide array of images and popular for their messages that appeal to many people whatever the sentiment or occasion is. With the use of simple art materials or a computer software, anyone can make a personalized greeting card. Today, greeting cards can be sent electronically through the internet and the receiver may print it if he wishes. History

Historians suggest that ancient Egyptians written messages on papyrus to convey their good wishes to other people and sent them through their messengers. It is also said that Greeks had their way of conveying special messages through scrolls. In Europe, during the Middle Ages, messages of love were sent whenever St. Valentine’s

day approaches. Special greetings and other sentiments were made individually until the middle of the 19th century. By the year 1846, the first greeting card intended for commercial purposes was introduced by Henry Cole, a British businessman. During the 1870s, the invention of chromolithography which is a multi-color printing method paved way for more fashionable and colorful greeting cards. Then, many seasonal cards such as Easter, wedding and Christmas cards soon followed.

The process of manufacturing greeting cards depends greatly on the size of the company.Most greeting card companies who became successful in the business exerted much effort in business research, creative designs and marketing. However, recent technological advancements affected the growth of the greeting cards industry. The software that allows people to make their own greeting cards with the use of computer as well as the ability to send free electronic greeting cards decreased the use of greeting cards. These cards are usually available at low prizes while others get them free of charge and with the advantage of a quick receipt. Furthermore, it does not require using postage stamps. This is the reason why improvements in card production mainly prioritized in developing different printing techniques, nurturing a new blood of artistic talents and coming up with brilliant marketing ideas.



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