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Grifiti Bands Pen Pencil and Stylus Loops


I’ve been on a little bit of a streak of trying out some pen holders for notebooks, so Amazon has been doing their marketing magic and subtly hinting to me that I might want to try other similar products.  This is how I came across these Grifiti Bands Pen, Pencil, and Stylus Loops (buy via Amazon) in two different sizes.

SPECIAL NOTE:  Amazon has a special deal today only where you can get $8.62 off any purchase of $50 or more.  You can see the code and details here on Amazon, but the products need to be sold by Amazon to qualify.


The description for the Grifiti Bands Pen, Pencil, and Stylus Loops says that they will hold the aforementioned items on your notebooks or tablet cases.  With absolute certainty I can confirm that this is a true statement.  They held the above stylus with no issues, it slides in and out easily, but also stays in place as intended.


Same deal with my Blackwing pencil when it comes to the Grifiti Bands Pen, Pencil, and Stylus Loop With Pencil.  It fits, no problem and it also slides in and out with ease but stays put when necessary.  Kind of a boring review up to this point.  I can also tell you that I did even find that something as thick as a Sharpie permanent marker also fit nicely so these definitely do their job when it comes to holding writing implements.


So here is where I have an issue with the Grifiti Bands Pen, Pencil, and Stylus Loop though.  Now I may be an idiot (always a possibility) and missing something, but why do I want this on a tablet case or a notebook if I have to take the whole thing off and put it somewhere when I want to open my case or notebook.  I know that some notebooks have straps attached and I love that.  This however requires you to completely remove the strap from whatever you have it on.

Also keep in mind that these wont work for even some harder notebook covers let alone soft cardboard types.  Anyway, these aren’t for me, but maybe they are for you, so if you want to put an annoying rubberband lock on your stuff, go grab some Grifiti Bands Pen, Pencil, and Stylus Loops (buy via Amazon) and add a layer of annoyance to your daily life.

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